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4 Gender-Neutral Baby Registry Tips

Are you wondering how to create a baby registry that doesn't focus on the traditional pastel pink for girls and baby blue for boys? Gender-neutral baby registries and showers are becoming increasingly common, and these baby registry tips from Pottery Barn Kids will make it easy to create the perfect atmosphere for your growing family.


Make Your Intentions Clear

Whether you're waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender or trying to avoid imposing an identity on your newborn before their personality is formed, it's important to let your friends and family know that you're going gender neutral for your baby gear. You don't have to share your reasoning; simply explain that you don't know the gender and would prefer that gifts stay neutral in color or theme. This will make it easier for loved ones to navigate your registry!

Pick a Mixed Color Palette

Traditionally, gendered registries are typically pink or blue, however, there are plenty of other wonderful colors out there to consider for a classic nursery look that de-emphasizes gender. Pastel yellow, lavender and green; neutrals like white, gray and black; bold primary blue, red and green; or even neon colors are all great choices for unisex baby essentials such as crib sheets, bath towels, wall color, rugs and drapes.

Let Your Theme Be Your Guide

Just as with color, it's easy to avoid the "ballerinas for girls, trucks for boys" trap if you're aiming for gender neutrality in your nursery theme. But you can also push stereotype boundaries to get the look you want. For example, if both parents love superheroes or Star Wars™, you can use those themes as part of a gender-neutral nursery rather than a strictly defined boy's room. From jungle animals to outer space, ocean scenes to adorable infant classics like rubber duckies, you can easily avoid gendered nursery themes. In many ways, theme and color go hand in hand, so you may want to choose a gender-neutral theme first and then fill in with colored decor to match.

Pick the Items You Like Best

If gender neutrality is a priority, chances are that your tastes will be a natural guide to picking the ideal items for your baby. If you find that you love a particular baby blue or pastel pink item, you don't have to avoid it. True neutrality can embrace a range of different ideas and identities, so don't hesitate to get a rug tinged with pink or a set of drapes in a blue color gradient. As long as you stay focused on your gender-neutral theme and choose complementary colors that coordinate with your color scheme, you'll be able to create a thoroughly modern collection of baby furniture, supplies, tools, clothing and decor.