Selecting a New Baby Feeding Set

Enjoy every moment of mealtime with a baby feeding set that makes preparing, serving and cleaning up as easy as can be. Shop high-quality materials that are durable, simple to clean and allow your baby to grip or at least begin to hold. With stylish takes on classic baby colors like spring green, ocean blue and pale pink, selecting your baby feeding set is a matter of personal taste and convenience. Check out plates, bowls, sippy cups, bottle dryers and more, plus a wide range of breastfeeding accessories for all kinds of feeding.

What is a Baby Feeding Set?

A baby feeding set is a selection of dinnerware made especially for babies. The materials are lighter and softer, plus the scale is considerably reduced to make it easy for babies to open wide and enjoy from the comfort of their high chair.

  • A basic baby feeding set includes a plate and bowl and may include a sippy cup or basic utensils. A placemat rounds out feeding sets and is sized for high chair trays.
  • Choose the set that's best for you and your baby based on how you feed him or her. You can always add pieces or save them for later as your baby grows and his or her palette develops.
  • If you make a lot of homemade baby food using countertop devices, you may enjoy bowls that allow easy scooping. If meals are beginning to include a few different food items, a divided plate is a basic.
  • Bottles and cups are essential for babies who are weaned. These smaller containers fit their mouths for safe enjoyment of milk, formula or water.

Breastfeeding Accessories For You

For moms who are breastfeeding, it's important to have everything you need to make you and your baby comfortable during these meaningful moments. Breastfeeding allows for nourishment and physical and emotional bonding, so make sure your accessories are soft, ergonomic and stylish.

  • Infant support pillows are soft U-shaped pillows that allow your baby's head to cradle safely while making it easier for you to maintain a comfortable position for feeding.
  • Lounger pillows are great for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. These pillows are a little longer and don't have the donut cut-out of the support pillow. They go great with a cute baby blanket.
  • Monogram feeding pillows to turn early accessories into keepsakes forever. An embroidered set of initials adds a charming level of personalization.

Enjoy this time together with a baby feeding set or breastfeeding accessories that make mealtime fun and satisfying.