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As a parent, you want your kids to feel comfortable and happy everywhere they go. That’s especially true in their bedroom, whether it’s a secret superhero base or a luxurious palace fit for a princess. At Pottery Barn Kids, we understand that kids’ and baby furniture is equal parts fun and functional. It brings your children’s bedroom to life, encourages their imagination and helps them to be productive in school too. What are some great additions to any nursery or kids’ room? Here are a few possibilities.

Nursery Chairs & Ottomans

Nursery chairs make spending time with your baby something especially tender and memorable. Moms, dads and babies all love cuddling time in a nursery chair. For one thing, babies can sense the touch of your skin. It calms them and makes them giggle happily. Holding your baby in your arms strengthens the bond between parent and child and is probably one of the moments you look forward to most throughout the day. How does a nursery chair help? It gives you support, helps you hold your baby in a comfortable position, and lets your muscles relax as you rock your baby to sleep or read them a story.

Cribs & Bassinets

Moms and dads take great care of their baby. That even applies to bedtime. Our cribs and bassinets are comfy, but also firm enough to keep babies in a safe sleeping position. A tight fit between mattress and crib lets you tuck in their sheets tightly so your baby can move freely and breathe comfortably. Convertible cribs and dual-purpose mattresses let you adapt as your baby grows from infant to toddler. What style of crib is right? There are lots of options that let you create a warm ambience in your baby’s bedroom that also reflects your personality.

Bunk Beds & Lofts

Toddlers and adolescents like to spend time with friends. They also love it when their bedroom has a theme they’re interested in. Bedtime easily becomes an adventure that includes sleepovers, treasure hunts and underwater exploration. Bunk beds let your kids share those exciting voyages of imagination with their brother or sister, or a best friend.

Toy Storage

Kids and toys go together like peanut butter and jelly. Playing makes your kids happy. Did you know it’s also good for them? Playing helps children exercise their creativity, develop social skills, recognize shapes and colors, form their personality and learn how to talk at a younger age. All of those toys have to go somewhere, of course. Our toy storage keeps their favorites organized and accessible, while also making them easy to pick up afterwards.

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