Have Lots of Fun With a Baby Play Mat

Give your baby a safe place to play with a baby play mat that has all the stimulation he or she needs to grow and have a good time. These mats are made of soft, high-quality materials and include activities that are just right for developing minds and muscles. Watch your baby stretch, roll, reach, smile and giggle as he or she figures out all the fun to be had with a baby play mat. Shop the wide array of colors, patterns, mobile toys and more available now for you and your baby to get the good times going.

What is a Baby Play Mat?

A baby play mat is a special toy made just for the youngest of babies. These mats are made to occupy your baby's attention and energy, encourage enthusiasm, teach foundational play skills and add joy and color to your nursery.

  • The basic element of the play mat is the mat itself, a square or rectangle that you rest directly on the ground.
  • For some very new babies, a snuggly mat with a cozy trim that wraps around their little bodies is enough to start.
  • If you're still at the stage where a simple mat is enough, you can lay your baby on the mat and get down on the ground to play on your tummy, look at each other, make silly sounds, sing or speak starter words.
  • As your baby grows, the play mat becomes a little more engaging with the addition of soft arches, dangling toys, colorful patterns and more.

Different Baby Play Gym Types

When shopping for a baby play mat, consider all the different types of mats and gyms you can choose. You may want to start with one kind and add more to your collection as your baby grows or choose a few at once to play back and forth and encourage development.

  • Mats that feature soft materials and sweet motifs are made for tummy time and getting to know your baby.
  • Interactive mats feature toys that are sewn on for squeezing or that can be moved around to learn about how the world connects.
  • Gyms get more involved for longer playtimes and fun characters. These can stay on the floor, or you can choose a mobile kind that connects to a crib.

Growing Into New Baby Play Mat Styles

Your baby will naturally be drawn to new play mat styles as he or she grows. The importance of tummy time means you'll keep mats around to start, but don't be surprised if they continue to be a fun way to get up close and personal with your baby for play time.

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