At Pottery Barn Kids, we know that household decor should be stunningly beautiful as well as functional. That’s why we offer a wide range of mirrors to brighten up your children’s bedrooms while also creating a beautiful space for older toddlers to dress themselves. Our mirrors are designed specifically for children and thus come in a variety of fun shapes from bunny ears to angel wings. Use mirrors as room decor to draw light in from the outdoors and make small spaces feel larger. Choose from vanity mirrors or wall mirrors to suit your needs or mix and match several to create the desired look for your prince or princess.

You can even pair our wall and vanity mirrors with mirrored jewelry boxes for a cohesive look throughout the room. Stunning silver and gold frames add a metallic touch that pairs well with both male and female designs, or you can go for a full girlie look with a pink frame. Soft blue frames add a calming look to nurseries and children’s bedrooms. Some of our mirrors are even adorned with sweet animals or insects, such as butterflies, to inspire your children’s imaginations. Our bunny ear mirrors turn your children into the stars of the show and let them interact with their favorite creatures.

Our mirror frames allow you to match your existing decor easily for a look that will grow with your children or let your child pick a fun frame that expresses his or her personality. Our lattice mirrors feature a delicate white design that pairs well with contemporary designs and can serve as a simple backdrop to patterned bedding. Evoke the essence of galaxies far away and your children’s favorite movie franchise with mirrors featuring iconic locales. Our natural rattan mirrors are a terrific choice for eco-conscious homes and pair well with natural decor and organic bedding.

Our mirrors can be used in your children’s bedrooms as well as playrooms as hanging decor to add style. Our baroque mirrors add a touch of historical glamour that is suitable for all age groups while our wooden mirrors pair precisely with rustic designs. You can even show your children how much you love them with mirrors featuring framed hearts that make them feel special. Petal mirrors inspire the essence of springtime spent among the flowers, making them a sweet choice for nurseries. For children who love sports, a sports mirror features a frame made of sports equipment like bats makes it so they can show their support for a favorite activity.

Our vanity mirrors pair well with desk accessories to create a vanity where your children can get ready in the morning. Older children can use the vanity mirrors to brush their hair in the bedroom or add one in the bathroom so they can check themselves out while brushing their teeth. Vanity mirrors are ideal for use in small rooms as they don’t take up much space, and they update any room design instantly. Our popular vanity mirrors come in animal themes, including kitties and bunnies that are sure to please your children.

Take wall decor to the next level by adding growth charts that help you document your children as they grow up. They’ll love to look back at how much they’ve grown each school year. You can even match growth charts to mirrors since they feature many of the same critters and frame options for a cohesive look. Mount the growth charts on the wall with the included hardware or if your children are older, you can simply lean it against the wall for a casual look. Make your children feel extra special by adding a monogram to the growth chart or wall mirrors for a personalized look.

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