Growth Charts

Kids grow fast – there’s no denying this. As a parent, you might see the days, months and years flying by and wish you could hold on to some of those fleeting moments for just a little longer. Of course, children are often eager to meet new milestones, and they anticipate each birthday with great excitement. When you want to track your child’s growth through childhood in a special way, a growth chart can be the perfect tool. These wall-mounted charts are more than just a way to note how many inches your youngster grows in a year, though. They will likely turn into treasured mementos once your child leaves childhood behind.

It’s easy to coordinate a growth chart with other bedroom decor. Do you have an airplane enthusiast who can’t get enough aircraft themed items? You’re in luck! How about a giant airplane-shaped growth chart adorning the bedroom wall? This chart could be the perfect accessory to match other themed items such as wall hangings and wall decor. You might combine this airplane growth chart with star decals on the wall or even a glitter star garland that adds sparkle and reflection to a bedroom. You have some color choices for the airplane growth chart as well. Navy blue is one thrilling option, but you could also go with light gray, red or charcoal too. Who wouldn’t love the distinctive antique shape of the airplane, complete with propeller on the nose of the plane?

It’s easy to create a one-of-a-kind keepsake of your youngster’s childhood when you have a growth chart personalized with name or initials. Kids are often excited to watch their growth progress with each passing year. It’s easy to tick off the inches on these ruler charts as your child gets taller and taller. There’s plenty of room for marking dates and ages to keep track of your youngster’s height. You might even create a decorative grouping on the wall around the growth chart with wall letters and decals. Spelling out your child’s name or adding initials to the wall has never been easier or more appealing. A child with a favorite catchphrase could also have these words added to the wall to feature them prominently.

Carry on the colors of a bedroom from the boys’ sheets and girls’ sheets to the wall with the growth chart you select. Personalized growth charts are available in a wide array of popular colors, including pink, lavender, aqua, orange, green and more. Go ahead and indulge your child with his or her favorite color, making this Pottery Barn Kids keepsake even more special. The expert craftsmanship ensures that these wall-mounted items will remain strong and beautiful for many years.

How about incorporating your child’s name prominently into the growth chart? Cutout wood letters are an integral part of growth chart designs, and these pieces are also available in a generous assortment of both pastel and bold colors. Of course, hanging these growth charts is a breeze as well, thanks to handy D-rings that are mounted on the back of the pieces. What’s more, if you move, the growth chart can go with you without losing any important details. They can easily occupy a spot on the wall between other shelving and wall organization pieces.

Whatever your child’s style or interests, don’t let childhood slip away without recording every momentous milestone. You and your child can celebrate growing and getting older together as you mark off the inches. After your youngster grows up, you can look back on the previous years together, relishing the ups and downs that are a part of childhood.