Kids’ Desk Accessories

Even the youngest kids are faced with ever-growing academic requirements, which means that children need a spot at home to work on school assignments. You may find that creating a work area that belongs to your child is an effective way to motivate good study habits. Whether your child has a desk in the bedroom or you set up a spot in another area of your home, consider adding fun kids’ desk accessories to this space. You can even personalize a desk area with accessories imprinted with your child’s name or initials.

Perhaps your child has a few favorite books to keep on a desktop. In this case, bookends are a necessity. At Pottery Barn Kids, our bookends have personality and pizzazz to appeal to virtually any child. These bookends serve as an ideal accessory to coordinate with other pieces, such as frames and mirrors. Whether your child has a favorite color or even a special interest like baseball or butterflies, you can decorate a desk area to fit your child’s innate personality.

Keeping odds and ends organized is often an ongoing challenge, but you can do this with style if you choose accessories, such as candy jars with brightly colored lids. From erasers paper clips to markers and crayons, it’s simple to keep every little thing neat when everything has a place. Placing a few playroom baskets and bins on a desk can also be an ideal way to corral the clutter and keep a work area tidy.

You could even mix and match desk accessories with other furnishings in a bedroom to create a cohesive decorating scheme. If your child has a favorite color or likes prints, such as stars or polka dots, you can continue these patterns in a study area. Perhaps a desk chair with a bright fabric over-the-chair storage case could be a suitable solution for holding school assignments or a favorite book. A bedroom with throw pillows and blankets and throws in bright colors and patterns could coordinate well with these other desk accessories.

Keeping pencils and pens organized is important, but there’s no reason why this can’t be fun too. A lazy Susan is a stylish way to hold all your child’s most important writing and drawing implements within easy reach. To keep your child on schedule, add a digital clock to a desk area, complete with calendar and alarm functions. Consider expanding storage space with wall organization pieces designed to instill order in a beautifully appealing way. From magnet boards to cork boards to pinboards, there’s a way to keep track of your child’s papers with ease.

For the child who needs additional desk space away from a standard desk, a lapdesk is a winning option. A lapdesk even makes studying in bed possible too. These distinctive pieces have either a masculine or feminine styling, and they can even be personalized with your child’s name. Stowing electronics on a desk is no problem either with sturdy tablet stands. These stands hold electronics within easy reach on a desk, and they match well with other desk accessories to create a pleasing ensemble.

Learning and growing is a big part of childhood, so it’s natural to want to make your child’s study area as pleasant as possible. With our line of accessories, we think your child will even look forward to homework time, knowing that these beautifully decorative pieces are waiting. Many accessories are designed to grow with your child, remaining appealing throughout childhood and into the teen years. Have fun mixing and matching these functional and decorative pieces to create a study area that that is uniquely your child’s space.