9 Nursery Storage Ideas to Keep Everything Organized

If you're organizing your first nursery, choosing the right storage solutions from the hundreds available can be an overwhelming task. To help make designing your baby's room easier, we at Pottery Barn Kids have rounded up this list of storage ideas for nurseries.

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can make great alternatives to dressers in small nurseries. These types of shelves feature hidden brackets that make them appear to "float" on the wall. Available in a range of sizes, floating shelves give your nursery a clean, modern look. You can use them to store folded clothing, linens and shoes. Floating shelves are also ideal for displaying artwork and fragile toys.

2. Hanging Shoe Organizers

A pocket shoe organizer hung on a wall of the nursery can provide convenient storage for items you use frequently -- like socks, burp cloths, baby blankets and onesies. A shoe organizer hung inside of a small closet can give you extra space to store out-of-season clothes and items your baby hasn't grown into yet.

3. Ladders

Bins, boxes and shelves are the obvious storage solutions, so why not use a ladder to give your nursery a unique touch? A ladder propped against a wall can serve as a clothing rack in nurseries that don't have a closet. Ladders can also be used to store blankets, towels and books. In a small bedroom, ladders can provide extra storage space for winter linens like flannel sheets and comforters.

4. Bookcases

Bookcases can be used to store more than just books. They can also be used as closet organizers, shoe racks and cube storage units. Tall, narrow bookcases can be laid on their side and topped with a foam cushion to create a reading nook. Place colorful baskets or bins in the shelves to organize toys and books.

5. Closet Organizers

The key to baby closet organization is to maximize vertical storage space. A good way to take advantage of this often-wasted space is to use a closet organization system with built-in shelves and drawers. You can also stack organizers to create extra storage space for shoes and toys. Another way to make the most of your closet space is to install a second rod under the existing one to create an additional row for hanging clothes. This way, clothes that are "in season" can be hung on the top rod and clothes that your baby has to grow into can hang on the bottom rod. As your child grows and his or her clothes become longer, the second rod can be removed.

6. Over-the-Door Storage

From wire racks to tiered baskets, over-the-door organizers are available in a variety of styles to help you maximize your vertical storage space. In small nurseries, where every square inch of floor space counts, over-the-door organization units can be used instead of a box or a basket to store your baby's plush toys.

7. Under-the-Crib Storage

Use the space under your baby's crib to store extra baby wipes, diapers, linens and other everyday nursery supplies. Trundle drawers are designed to match the design of your baby's crib and blend seamlessly into your nursery's furnishings. Alternatively, you can place items in baskets, drawers or plastic tubs to keep them organized and accessible. Be sure to use baskets and storage boxes with dust covers when storing items like winter bedding and off-season clothing.

8. Baskets

Baskets are available in a variety of materials, sizes and shapes to add a touch of charm to your baby's nursery. Large belly baskets work great as laundry hampers and places to store extra blankets, while smaller baskets can be used as drawer organizers and toy boxes. Wire baskets can be nailed to a wall and turned into floating shelves or storage cubes. A tiered basket placed on a changing table provides a convenient spot to store items that are frequently used, like wipes, lotions and ointments.

9. Hooks

Hang hooks over the changing table to keep bibs, burping cloths and towels within easy reach. A wire basket hung on one of the hooks can serve as a convenient grab-and-go bath caddy. Keep it filled with bath time essentials like baby shampoo, bath toys and soap.

A neatly organized nursery means less time looking for things and more time spent bonding with your baby. The above storage solutions will help you create an efficient and clutter-free baby room.

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