Beach Towels and Bath Wraps

Whether you’re headed on your yearly family vacation to the beach or you have a pool in your backyard, having the right beach towel for everyone makes the venture that much happier and more comfortable. A tougher, durable construction allows you and your kids to tote your beach towels anywhere you want to lay out in the sun or go for a dip. With the ability to stand up to the elements, like sea air, sand and water, the beach towels and wraps that we have at Pottery Barn Kids also feature designs, characters and motifs your child is sure to love. Shop beach towels, bath essentials and other beach accessories with confidence, knowing that your new towel will easily stand up to years of splashes, waves and the sun’s rays.

Choose from a wide array of styles and colors, with ideas for girls, boys and characters and colors that are gender-neutral. Most of the beach towels are reversible and feature a distinct construction on each side. While one side features cotton velour, the other features cotton terry, with a stronger, tighter construction than bath towels. Our beach towels are also Oeko-Tex® certified, ensuring you that they are safe for your children as well as eco-friendly and safe for the environment. Most beach towels also feature protection against the sun’s rays with an ultraviolet ray protection factor rating of 50. This means not only will the sun’s rays not reflect off of the towel to cause burning as your children are wrapped in it, But they are also protected from harmful UV rays.

One of the most important things about beach items is your ability to clean them easily. With a 400-gram weight, these beach towels are easily tossed into your washer and dryer after a long day at the beach or pool, keeping their colors and weaves. While most beach towels are rectangular, there are also a few options that are round as well. These are ideal for covering up after a dip or placing on the sand to share with a friend or sibling. Look for character types that range from everything from mermaids and sharks to your child’s favorite movie themes. Most towels also offer the benefit of personalization, making them a fun gift for your child for any occasion. Have his or her name, initials or other meaningful phrase embroidered right on the towel.

Beach wraps are also suitable for when you’re having wet and wild fun in the sun. Similar to a hooded bath towel, beach and bath wraps have a small hood that you can use to anchor the wrap around your child, helping him or her take a chill off after a swim or protecting your child from harmful UV rays. Wraps feature the same cotton velour and terry construction, are easy to clean and feature styles and motifs that match their corresponding beach towels, making it possible for you to complete the set. These also carry a UPF 50+ rating to help block out the sun.

If your children just need a little bit of cover-up after a swim, or they’ve finished swimming for the day but still want to play, consider a tunic or cover-up. These are not only ideal for beach wear, but they’re also good for wearing after taking a bath or shower or just walking around the house on those in-between weather days – like a long sweatshirt. With several different sizes to fit your child easily, these tunics feature a cotton and polyester blend construction, which makes the cover-up absorbent if your child is wearing it right after a swim. The tunics feature a hood for extra sun protection as well as a front pocket that is used to carry small items. Similarly to beach towels and wraps, tunics can also be personalized with your child’s name or initials.