5 Towel Storage Ideas

Towels are essential whether your child is taking a quick shower before school or soaking in the tub at night. Keeping enough towels handy and organized is a breeze with the right storage solutions.

Use these five towel storage ideas to make the most of your bathroom and ensure you've always got clean towels for your kids at all times.

1. Make Use of Baskets

Vanities with open storage under them are becoming more and more popular as people often implement this modern look into their homes, and in bathrooms for kids, they offer ample space for items like bathtub toys. Using an open vanity also makes a small space more visually appealing since the footprint will appear smaller, which can be helpful if you've given your child run of one of the smaller bathrooms in the house.

While stacking your towels on a shelf below the top of the vanity can work well, it's not always ideal in a space designed with kids in mind. For those areas, baskets that keep your towels neat and organized can be very helpful. Storage baskets also allow you to sort towels by type like bath towels, hand towels and washcloths. Another benefit of storing towels this way, especially if you've got an open vanity, is that they'll always be easy for your child to reach no matter how tall they are!

2. Utilize Freestanding Cabinets

Freestanding cabinets can blend in with your existing bathroom style or make a bold statement depending on the materials you pick, making them functional and fun for kid's bathrooms when painted or decorated in child-friendly ways. They can also make a huge difference when it comes to storage in smaller bathrooms. For towels, look for a cabinet that's deep enough for folding your towels into quarters, or opt for rolling your towels if you like the look of a smaller rack or don't have space for an oversized option.

Freestanding cabinets can also be incredibly useful for storing things you need in the bathroom like a hair dryer, extra toilet tissue, shampoo, soap and more.

3. Add Floating Shelves

Floating shelves can open up a whole new world of storage space in your bathroom. Best of all, they won't eat up all of your visual space and make a small child's bathroom feel cluttered even as you bring more items into the room.

To make the most of floating shelves for towels, consider a deeper option that allows you to stack multiple folded towels so they're easy to grab when you need them. These can work especially well near the shower or on a wall near your bathtub. Hang your shelving at a height that's accessible for your child even if you add higher ones for symmetry.

If you don't have space for a deep floating shelf, consider a version that can hold other items you need in the bathroom while placing a towel bar below. Hanging floating shelves over your freestanding cabinets can also push the eye upward, making a child's bathroom space feel open and airy. You'll also have more room for fun decorative elements or posters on the wall.

4. Opt for Repurposed Furniture

Not all pieces of furniture are ideal for towel storage in your child's bathroom, but some can help you save space and make a fun statement in the bathroom. Items like a repurposed acrylic or metal wine racks and laundry organizers can be a charming, fun way to make the most of your space and organize your towels. Folding is also very easy since you'll only have to roll towels small enough to fit onto the rack. That means no more messy stacks in a busy bathroom with kids coming in and out all the time.

Wine racks and laundry organizers that sit on the floor are ideal for kids spaces since the towels will always be within reach.

5. Try a Rolling Cart

Like a wine rack or laundry organizer, a rolling cart can bring a whimsical, unexpected design element design element to your child's bathroom if you've got the space to house one. Although two-tier metal and glass options are common and suit many styles, modern acrylic and worn wood choices are often better for children's spaces. Larger three-tier bar carts can store towels, soap, shampoo, tub toys and more.

To store towels on a rolling cart, simply fold or roll them neatly and place them on the bottom tier of the rack so kids can reach them. You can use baskets in conjunction with your cart to keep towels organized.

Towels are must-have items in the bathroom and with smart storage solutions, you can ensure your child is always ready for bath time. Now you just have to make sure you and your kids tackle the laundry on time!

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