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Regular Anywhere Chairs®

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Oversized Anywhere Chairs®

Get Comfortable With Anywhere Chairs

Discover the comfort and fun of anywhere chairs, made for relaxation and style. Kids need chairs, too and although these are sized for them, they're as plush as anything you'd love for yourself. Use these chairs in bedrooms, playrooms, in the living room by a fireplace or the main sofa or for hanging out on a covered porch to catch some rays. Since they're easy to move, your kids can truly take them anywhere in your home without any help from you.

What Are Anywhere Chairs?

Anywhere chairs are accent chairs that are kid-sized and ready to be placed for leisure or conversation anywhere you or your children prefer. If you have an adult-sized version of one of these chairs, you might call it an occasional chair. Think of this as the same concept, but scaled for your kids to enjoy something special of their own.

  • Anywhere chairs are largely one piece, but molded to include a mid-height back and high arms. The chair rests flat on the ground with no legs.
  • Each chair is covered in a fabric cover, specially shaped for the chair's silhouette. To create visual definition, anywhere chairs have piping to define arms, back and seat.
  • Chairs have a loop on the back that makes it simple for your kids to place them anywhere. Move them around to form a circle with friends or to face each other for games or chatting and telling jokes.

Creating A Kids' Lounge

Anywhere chairs are perfect for starting a kids lounge. Designate a room or an alcove as a kids-only zone--or at least a kids-mostly zone. Then furnish it with anywhere chairs and other cozy furnishings just for them.

  • Choose a color palette for the lounge. You can select every chair in the same color or pick two to three colors to alternate or flank a futon.
  • Find a rug that goes with your color scheme. Pick one that's known for handling high traffic. That way, when friends come over or kids race in from the yard or a playground, the lounge stays looking fresh.
  • Add lighting that makes them feel like there's a special atmosphere. A chandelier or pendant is always a great idea.

Personalizing Your Anywhere Chairs

Take the time to make your anywhere chairs unique. Get each child's name on his or her favorite color--or put your last name, a secret family nickname or any word you like on every chair. Be sure to leave a few chairs adorned just for friends, so their whole social group can hang out in their very own lounge.

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