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5 Kids Bathroom Ideas

Designing a bathroom specifically for your child is different than perfecting a master bathroom space for yourself. While you might want tranquility and relaxation, most kids are going to prefer a fun motif and a vibrant color scheme.

Use these five bathroom ideas from Pottery Barn Kids to create the perfect place for your kids to bathe, brush their teeth and get ready for their day.

1. Under the Sea

There's lots of water in the bathroom, so it's no surprise that an under the sea theme is a very popular choice when decorating a space just for kids. The fact is that most kids love this theme and there's a huge number of options available for decorating a bathroom.

If you're starting from scratch, opt for rich, water-like blues for paint. This will help set the tone and make any bathroom special. From there, printed rugs and shower curtains with sea creatures or water accents are easy to find and a whole lot of fun. Accessories like themed soap and toothbrush holders also provide a playful look to your space.

Don't forget to add lots of floating sea creatures and rubber ducks for bath time!

2. Safari Surprise

Tooth-brushing time may not be quite as exciting as going on an African safari, but if you're decorating a bathroom for your child, who says you can't do both? To start, pick colors like rich taupe, tan and sand for paint if a fresh coat is needed.

Decorative accents like shower curtains that feature tigers, leopards and even elephants can add style and color. Animal print bath rugs and towels are also a ton of fun and fit right into your safari theme. Vibrant yellow and orange tones for items like soap holders can brighten up your child's bathroom if you feel it's a touch too dark.

3. Birds and Butterflies

Many kids have a fascination with birds and butterflies, making them an ideal focal point for a fun bathroom. If you're starting from scratch, this is one bathroom style that can greatly benefit from patterned wallpaper that features these flying creatures. Another option would be to stencil birds and butterflies in bright colors onto a plain white or colored wall.

Printed towels with butterfly and bird designs are easy to come by in many different colors, as are shower curtains and rugs. Decorative decals can also be used in the bathtub, shower and on mirrors to create colorful accents that can be removed as your child gets older and their style changes.

4. Into the Woods

Bold prints can make a bathroom a place where kids can let their imagination go wild. For kids that love nature and animals, there's nothing better than a unique forest theme. You can pick a ton of colors and incorporate stylish prints that they'll enjoy even as they get older.

For a forest themed bathroom, mix-and-match colors like forest green, brown and sky blue. Bright accents like oranges and yellows are also welcome. Choose stylish items like shower curtains with a bird of paradise or forest animal design that your child loves.

You can also add fake flowers, trees and plants to play up the style of the room if you've got the space.

5. Shared Bathrooms

Sometimes a bathroom needs to be shared between two kids and they might not have the same sense of style. While one child might love the safari theme, another may prefer the birds and butterflies motif. There is a compromise to be found!

When decorating a gender-neutral bathroom that will be shared between kids, opt for colors that aren't typically seen as masculine or feminine such as high blue, white, orange and yellow. Mixing and matching a lot of colorful elements can make the space fun and kid-friendly without making it feel like a traditional boy or girl's bathroom.

You don't have to be limited to just simple colors and patterns though. Go for the gusto with printed shower curtains, rugs, towels and more that feature fun designs like dogs, Southwestern prints and even abstract geometric options. Tri-tone nautical themes in colors like red, white and blue are also seen as gender-neutral.

Decorating a kid's bathroom can be a lot of fun. Picking a design and style they love will also make the time they spend there a lot more exciting even if they would rather be playing than taking a bath!

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