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Kids and Baby Vanities

Vanities for kids and babies can turn a regular day into a fairy tale. Designed for durability and beauty, boys and girls can pretend and play like any prince or princess would do. Hours can be spent playing dress-up in the land of make believe. Or the vanities work well for getting ready in high style each day. Three beveled mirrors provide reflection at three different angles. Of course, as always, safety is of utmost priority. The vanities we offer at Pottery Barn Kids exceed all required and voluntary safety standards. Anti-tip kits are included to prevent injuries from furniture tipping over. So, you can let your child primp or play while you have peace of mind.

Take the vanity to a higher notch by hanging a billowy canopy over it. There’s something quite magical about a canopy where imaginations can run wide open. And the canopies attach to a wall or hang from the ceiling with easy assembly for parents. The vanity will make the room look somewhat like a castle chamber.

Add a fanciful rug to the floor that goes with a storybook theme. A round shape with hearts or pom poms makes a super addition, and a rectangle dotted or diamond pattern is very well suited too. Rugs protect the floors and provide some cushion for little feet.

Stock up on costumes like dragons, fairies and unicorns. Dressing up in costume allows little minds to be creative and carefree. Pretending to be a dinosaur might build courage. A superhero might build confidence. There is so much value in time spent playing and pretending. And the laughter that coincides is priceless.

Keep the costumes and props organized with a toy chest or bench. The chest stows things out of sight and can double as an extra seat in a playroom or bedroom. It’s one of those pieces of furniture that is multifunctional. It starts out as a toy box full of toys and costumes and graduates to storing extras of your teen’s clothing, DVDs or blankets. Haul if off to college for extra storage in a dorm room or Greek housing. Some of the toy chests can be personalized with a monogram, which makes your child’s even more special.

A ruffled or pleated stool pairs well with the vanities, but you might want to stock up on a few other play table chairs for your kid’s friends. No doubt there will be plenty of playdates with such a super play atmosphere at your house. The chairs come in assorted colors and look great by mixing and matching the colors. Pink and purple, orange and green, or red and blue are cheerful combinations. Lightweight chairs allow kids to move them as needed without having to get help from an adult or older sibling.

Hang a chandelier on the ceiling in the center of the room to add to the magnificence. Crystal, pom pom shades or multi-colored pendants are a fabulous lighting fixture to go along with this setting. A wooden flower light, a canvas dome or a beaded chandelier works well too. The light helps when it gets dark, but it can be so much more. When the light turns on it could illuminate the room like stage lighting lights up a theater.

Just add some curtains. Curtains and drapes aren’t just for windows. You can hang a curtain to block part of the room. This way if the kids want to have a little performance they can prepare for the opening act. The curtain opens in time for the show with or without an audience. The next talented actor or actress, opera singer or movie producer might very well be in the making.