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Selecting New Nursery Window Treatments

Creating a gorgeous nursery for your baby includes all the trimmings, so take the time to discover nursery window treatments you love. Just as there are many different options to set the mood in the other rooms of your home, the curtains or drapes you select for the nursery help define an atmosphere of gentle relaxation, happiness and safety for your baby. Look for curtains that filter light depending on window placement or other lighting in the room. Choose curtains that offer privacy on a busy street or near a neighbor's house. Comb through colors, textures and patterns to see which nursery window treatments you like the best and pair them with high-quality hardware for a beautiful set.

Choosing The Right Baby Curtains

Determining which nursery window treatments are right for your baby's room is a matter of where the room is, how you've decorated it and what kind of style you prefer. At Pottery Barn Kids, you can find a wide selection of well-made curtains to suit any aesthetic.

  • Floor-length curtains add light drama and beauty to any room. This is an upscale choice that mirrors the window dressings you may have in other bedrooms or your common living areas.
  • Shades offer a clean style that looks minimalist and modern. They're easy to use in any window. Simply draw them upward to let in light and they stay in place, like any blinds, or lower them to create a restful atmosphere.
  • A combination of shades and curtains creates a layered appearance and gives you the benefits of privacy, light filtration and light insulation in your baby's room.

Sheer and Blackout Baby Window Treatments

Just as you enjoy different kinds of light at different times of day, your baby does, as well, in his or her own way. Experiencing sunlight and twilight are vital factors in developing a sense of routine and rhythm as you get to know your baby's habits, preferences and needs, so select curtains that are easy to draw and manage the light as you wish.

  • Try blackout curtains to help infants go to sleep. These can be used for naps or at bedtime for the night. They're also nice in climates where insulation keeps a room comfortable, since they can lightly aid in keeping a space climate-controlled.
  • Sheers create a beautiful mood that can relax or energize you and your baby, depending on what time of day it is and what activities are happening. Let the delicacy the nursery window treatments influence the aesthetic in your home.

Window Hardware for Your Nursery

Once you've selected the right window treatments, shop for window hardware to hang your curtains. Rods, finials and rings define your style further.

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