Kids’ Storage Wall Systems

With toys, books, artwork and more, kids are just as prone to clutter as adults. That’s why it’s important you give your child a space for all her stuff. Storage wall systems offer an easy and effective way for your child to stay organized, but they also look good enough to present a polished look to any bedroom. Pottery Barn Kids offers a selection of kids’ storage wall systems of all sizes and designs, so you can find the furniture you need to keep your child’s things in order while letting him keep control of his space.

If you like the idea of putting things on display, choose a wall system with lots of open shelves and spaces. Put artwork, books, picture frames and knickknacks out in the open to let your child’s personality shine. Open shelves also let you customize a look with a colorful backdrop or the addition of baskets and bins. If your child has a lot of books, a unit with shelves keeps these organized and off the floor. If your child needs a workspace, find furniture options that come with a built-in desk, giving plenty of space to store all-important items while allowing her to get homework done at the same time. Some open shelf options do come with drawers, so you can display what you want and hide what you don’t.

Prefer to hide all of the clutter? Wall systems with lots of drawers give your child a place to stash his stuff without the mess overwhelming the room. Drawers provide space for toys, puzzles, books or even clothes. Choosing a storage option with drawers low to the ground also allows your child to easily reach everything, so he can be involved in cleanup too. Find drawers with waxed wooden glides for easy opening and shutting, and safety stops that keep each drawer firmly in place. Whether you want to keep art supplies handy or store away extra blankets and clothes, drawer storage systems let you keep everything you need close at hand but hidden away.

One thing most children value is furniture that reflects their personality. Give your child a storage wall system that both you and she can feel good about. Find options with chalkboard cabinets so she can doodle and express her creativity, while you breathe easy knowing that all her items have a home. Many models come in several color options, so you can match the decor currently in your child’s room. The addition of baskets or bins to many of the units gives you an additional chance to add color or monogramming, which offers each furniture piece a personalized touch. Frame his artwork and proudly display it on a shelf unit, or get matching storage bins in her favorite color to place in each cubby hole. Each storage unit offers a wide variety of options for personalization.

When you buy furniture for your children, you want to know that it will last. Durable, high-quality items are important, especially if they are to withstand the rough-and-tumble play of kids. Wood units provide a strong structure, and additional kiln drying adds extra durability. Other styles offer a mortise-and-tenon construction with tongue-and-groove joinery for extra structural support that lasts. In addition to a solid build, many units come in a selection of sizes and are compatible with other units. This means you can build up or down to make a storage system that fits your room and your lifestyle. Whether you want to frame a TV, hold a desk or simply store toys, there are furniture options for that. With kids’ storage wall systems, keeping your child’s space organized and looking good has never been so easy.