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Baby Bouncers

Keeping your baby calm while you get things done around the home is a breeze with a baby bouncer in use. Baby bouncers allow your child to remain comfortable while in your sight. The durable base and chair construction can hold up to 130 pounds with ease. The newborn-to-big-kid design gives you the freedom to utilize the benefits of the baby bouncer for your child’s care until your child can climb out of the seat freely on his or her own. The side-to-side motion is gentle enough that it doesn’t cause your child to become startled when in use. Pairing the baby bouncer with the optional toy bar ensures your baby is entertained at all times. At Pottery Barn Kids, we have the baby bouncers and baby care accessories that both you and your baby will enjoy.

Securing a Boppy head support in the baby bouncer ensures that little heads are well supported. The Boppy head support offers a gentle cushion for newborns and infants that haven’t yet built up the neck muscles. Boppy head supports can be used interchangeably in baby bouncers, swings and strollers for children from newborn to 12 months of age. The materials used in constructing the Boppy head supports are machine-washable.

Placing a baby blanket over your child seated in a baby bouncer prevents cool drafts from disrupting this memorable time. Lightweight baby blankets help to keep excessive heat and sun exposure away from your child’s skin whether using the baby bouncer indoors or outdoors. It is important to place the baby bouncer on a solid, level surface for your child’s safety. A mesh seat restraint holds your child securely without causing a feeling of being restricted. The mesh restraint is adjustable to fit around your child snuggly even during the growth spurts that occur.

Your child’s earliest feedings are important for both you and your baby. Using a baby bouncer during your child’s feedings is both convenient and less stressful. Whether using a baby bottle or starting your child on solid foods before a high chair is introduced, the baby bouncer can handle the challenge. Crafted with washable materials, spills and stains easily wipe out of the fabric with a mild soap and water solution. Knowing that the baby bouncer is clean and fresh between uses gives you a new level of comfort the next time you use it for your baby’s care.

Baby bouncers have an open design that gives your child the freedom to see the things that go on. The discoveries that are made during the early years of a child’s life help to build the skills that will last a lifetime. Providing your baby with developmental toys, such as teethers and knit blocks presents the opportunity to see how things work. Developmental toys fit well within your child’s grasp and store away with when not in use.

It is important to offer your child some sense of familiarity especially when placing the baby bouncer in new areas when you are at home or visiting friends and family. Having security blankets and rattles within reach during these situations can go a long way to alleviate your child’s fears. Smaller than traditional baby blankets, security blankets and rattles that your child is familiar with make for great play companions when seated in a baby bouncer.

While chores around the home seem to be never ending, spending quality time with your child is what you will remember through the years. Reading your child a book or singing a soft lullaby is a priceless experience that creates a bond that you nor your baby will soon forget.

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