Changing Table Essentials

Creating a comfortable, stylish nursery for your child is on the top of most parents' priorities list when they're expecting a new child. In fact, most parents finish up their nursery long before their child is born. One of the key elements to preparing a beautiful, functional nursery is a change table with all of the essentials.

With a well-stocked changing table, you can handle any situation quickly and easily so you and your baby can get back to making memories. Use this quick guide from Pottery Barn Kids to make sure your changing table has everything you'll need.

Diapers and Wipes

Diapers, whether you go with natural cloth or disposable options, are a must-have when stocking your changing table. Ideally, you want to keep at least a two to three-day supply on hand at all times. If you dip below that point, it's time to restock so you're ready if your child's schedule becomes a little more unpredictable.

Wipes designed for helping get your young child clean are also essential to have on hand. Like diapers, a two to three-day supply should be ready to go. Buying these items in large quantities like whole cases can save you money and ensure you have what you need once you find a product you like using.

Having a diaper pail nearby also makes cleaning up after cleaning your little one a breeze.

Changing Pads and Covers

Changing table pads are essential for keeping your baby comfortable and in the right position when getting them cleaned up and replacing diapers. While many changing tables come with pads, having an extra on hand will allow you to put one in the wash and still take care of business with your baby. Changing pad covers that are disposable or washable also help keep the area clean.

Clips designed to hold changing pads and covers in place should also be kept nearby. A spare set can be kept in a changing table drawer in case one drops when you're preparing to change your child.

Soothing Changing Products

Keeping your child clean is important when they're too young to take care of themselves and you're changing diapers regularly. Acting quickly to get your child cleaned up is important, but finding soothing products that you like using can make a world of difference too.

Ointments, lotions and creams designed to help prevent diaper rash are a must have. Other soothing products, including a host of natural ones, can also help keep irritation at bay and relax your child with gentle scents.

Whenever you try a new product, always test a small portion before using it regularly to make sure it doesn't cause skin irritation. Even babies are sensitive to some ingredients in skin care products.

Cleaning Supplies

Changing tables can get messy, and even if you're diligent about pads and covers, you need to take the time to thoroughly clean your table from time to time. That's why cleaning products, disposable or reusable towels and items like sanitary hand wipes need to be kept handy.

Many parents worry about using harmful chemicals near a changing table, but it's important to remember that with a cover or pad, your child won't come into contact with the bare table. However, if you prefer, all-natural products can work effectively as well.

Look for products designed to get rid of germs that can build up in the area and keep your hands as clean as possible when changing your baby.

Baby Toys

Babies don't always enjoy changing time, and some can get quite fussy when they need a new diaper.

To combat this understandable moodiness, keeping a few of your child's favorite toys nearby is a smart decision. Small toys they can look at or items hanging above the changing table to keep their attention are ideal.

You may need to try a few things to see what keeps your child's mind off what you're doing, but once you do, the process of changing a diaper should become considerably easier, at least some of the time.

Storage Bins

A lot of changing tables come with storage drawers or cabinets, but with all the items you should keep at arm's reach, it can be hard to stay organized. Storage bins of multiple sizes can help you find a home for everything so you can grab what you need without even looking.

Clear storage bins are ideal so you can see what's inside with just a glance.

Keeping your baby happy, healthy and clean is one of the most important things for every parent. With the right changing table and all of your essentials nearby, you can do that in a breeze so your baby is dry ready for whatever adventure awaits them!

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