Wall Decor Glossary

A great way to add personality to your child’s room is the use of wall decor. Below we’ve outlined a few key concepts that will help you add a creative touch to your kids' rooms.


Metal loops shaped like the letter "D" turned on its side, affixed to the back of wall decor items so they can easily be hung on hooks or nails.
Keyhole Mount
A hole shaped like an inverted keyhole on the back of a frame or other wall decor item. The wide bottom portion slips over the head of a screw or nail, which then slides into the narrower slotted portion to hold the item on the wall.
Simple Mount System
An exclusive system featured in many of our shelves and ledges. This system has a wall-mounting bracket with a built-in bubble level that ensures proper placement. Once the bracket is secure, merely slip your shelf or ledge in place for a professional quality installation.
Frame inserts of high–quality card stock. A mat acts as a frame within the frame, presenting the picture in a more formal and aesthetically balanced way. A mat also protects the image by preventing it from coming into direct contact with the glass.
Carved or contoured trim, most commonly an architectural element. Often used to frame pictures and mirrors, as well as to add visual interest to picture ledges and shelves.
A trademark of the Rohm and Haas Company. A clear, highly durable form of acrylic plastic often used in picture framing as a lightweight, shatterproof alternative to glass.
A deep frame with enough space between the glass and the backing to display three–dimensional objects, or two–dimensional objects set at various depths.
Wallpaper Cutouts
Pre–pasted wallpaper in decorative shapes. The adhesive is activated by water; cutouts are applied directly to walls. They can be easily removed by peeling them off the wall; any residue cleans off with a damp cloth.