Storage Solutions for a Child's Room

Organize your child's bedroom by providing plenty of storage for everyday activities, from getting dressed and reading to playing make-believe and doing craft projects. Encourage creative play by keeping imaginative toys within easy reach using open bins on the floor. Low, easy-to-access bookshelves will help encourage reading. Flat boxes are ideal for art storage and fit easily under most beds.

Open storage is ideal for your child's most frequently used items and makes cleaning up easier. Choose designs that are decorative as well as functional, with rows of baskets, buckets or totes that echo the room's color palette.

A mix of open and closed storage works well for clothing. Install pegs or hooks at child height and put a basket for shoes on the closet floor. Place a dresser and a hamper nearby, or use an armoire to neatly tuck away shirts, pants and dresses.

Put underutilized areas to work (the backs of doors, the sides of bookcases, under the bed) by using them for additional storage space.

Small, portable containers make it easier for kids to gather up toys during cleanup. And they're great for transporting favorite playthings to other rooms – just grab and go. Try periodically rotating the toys and books on view, so your child has “new” toys and books to explore.

Labeling bins and shelves with photos or drawings of the contents helps your child locate things quickly and put them back in the right place. Color-code containers – red for toys, green for games, blue for art supplies – to create an orderly look, and encourage easy cleanup.