Map Paper Medallion

Tools and Materials to make a 12" medallion

  • 8 6 x 6" pieces of paper (map or decorative paper)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Hot glue
  • String or ribbon for hanging

How to Assemble the Medallions

1. Use a ruler to make a mark .75" and a mark 1.5" from the bottom edge of each piece of paper.

2. On each piece, fold the bottom edge of paper on the first mark, up to the second mark. Continue folding accordion-style, using the first fold as a guide. Repeat with all 8 squares of paper.

3. Using hot glue, attach the ends of paper pieces together, making sure pattern is facing outward. Continue with all pieces to form a connected circle.

4. Cut or punch a paper circle about 2" wide. Generously apply hot glue to the back side of the 2" circle.

5. Quickly push accordion-folded circle down towards the center to create the medallion. Attach the 2" circle on the back side to hold it in place.

6. Hang with ribbon or string.