Lighting Kids' Spaces

While furniture is the foundation of any room, great lighting brings a space to life. A well-designed lighting plan energizes a room, establishing a welcoming mood and encouraging creative activities. Ample lighting is especially important in kids' spaces because children who are engrossed in what they're doing rarely notice when light is insufficient.

Set up a variety of lighting that lets you adjust the illumination to suit the activity at hand. Start with ambient lighting that brightens the entire room with a warm, diffused glow – we recommend chandeliers or pendants. Next add task lighting to illuminate specific areas like your child's desk, bedside table or armchair. Finally, use accent lights to highlight favorite objects or create visual interest on a bookshelf or dresser top.

Table Lamps can serve as both task lighting and accent pieces. Often designed with colorful or embellished shades, it's easy to use table lamps to illuminate and bring character to your child's room. Sconces and swing arm lamps attach directly to the wall and are great options in smaller rooms where floor space and tabletops are at a minimum.

Accent lights can be both decorative and functional. Use them to illuminate a collection, or display them as accessories in their own right. Novelty Lights come in a range of shapes and sizes, and add a fun dimension to displays on a bookcase or dresser or wall.