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A Gender-Neutral Nursery

If you're planning to be surprised by your baby's gender, design a nursery that works
for either a boy or a girl. Start with a theme and color palette, then choose furniture and
accessories to round out the space.

How to Design a Gender-Neutral Nursery


Finding a theme for your nursery will make it feel cohesive and whole. Animals, sea life and the alphabet are all good choices for a gender-neutral nursery. Or, anchor the room around a color, like yellow, gray or green. If you want to go bolder, try shades of orange or red.


Small touches – like wicker baskets for storage or a decorative pillow for the rocker – can help polish your nursery's overall look. Look for other accessories that add both style and function.


Once your baby is born, make the room one of a kind by adding a few personal touches. Decorative stenciling on the wall, a personalized photo gallery or a beautiful art display are all ways to give your nursery a special sense of style.