Healthy and Strong:
Great Food Ideas for Growing Kids

Support healthy, strong growth with nutrient-packed meals designed to fuel your child’s growing body. To provide all the nutrients needed for energy, development and growth, feed your child a balanced diet that focuses on whole foods such as fresh organic produce, dairy, lean meats and whole grains. Add a dash of fats for an energy-boost that helps enhance kids’ ability to feel satisfied. Take a look at these foods for growing kids to create a menu that serves up everything they need to stay happy and healthy.

Healthy and Strong: Great Food Ideas for Growing Kids


Protein acts like a building block that helps your child develop, maintain and repair muscle and body tissues, encouraging healthy, strong growth. Experts recommend that children eat two to three servings of protein-rich foods daily. Examples include lean meats, fish, legumes and dairy. Our divided plates make it easy to keep your child’s protein separate from other parts of the meal at home, while our bento boxes and divided storage containers perform the same function while on the go or at school.


Kids should be eating three to five servings of vegetables every day in addition to other nutrient-dense foods for optimal growth. From mild leafy greens to snappy carrots and celery, vegetables provide a tasty, nutritious addition to your child’s lunch. Slice cucumbers or zucchini into spears or coins, cut carrots and celery into bite-size chunks and cut peppers into strips for portable, easy-to-eat veggies that pack a punch of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Use a food processor or a high-powered blender to make veggie-packed soups to pack into our Pottery Barn Kids containers for a nutritious school lunch that supports healthy, strong growth.


Like vegetables, fruit packs a lot of nutrition into a few small bites. Cut up your child’s favorite fruits into bite-sized pieces and include them with lunch. Freeze watermelon, honeydew or cantaloupe chunks for a frosty, sweet treat on warm days. Our insulated lunch bags keep your child’s meal properly chilled to maintain fruit and other foods at a refreshing temperature.


Growing bodies need plenty of fuel to stay healthy and strong and have the energy for learning, sports and play. Some carbohydrate-rich foods for growing kids include whole-grain bread, wraps, bagels and pita bread. Swap out chips for popcorn, oatmeal-raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip and low-sugar oat-based granola bars for a sweet treat.

Healthy fats

Maintain strength and good health while supporting brain activity with healthy fats, which supply essential nutrients, including vitamin E, zinc and essential fatty acids. These important components provide enhanced nutrient absorption, build cellular membranes and help support proper hormone formation. Fat also gives kids extra energy to take them from a busy school day to sporting events and sleepovers with their friends. Skip the unhealthy trans fats found in most processed foods and add a small serving of whole foods such as avocado, almonds or hazelnuts to their snacks and lunches. Fatty fish, walnuts and flaxseed are also important healthy fat sources.