Girl or Boy? Tally Board

by The TomKat Studio

A tally board is a fun way to get partygoers to guess the baby's gender. Place one at the entrance to your party and ask guests to make their guess as soon as they arrive. This downloadable tally board complements the theme and gives your party a professional look right from the start.

Tools and Materials

  • Printable tally board template
  • 11"x14" photo frame
  • Marker

How to Assemble the Tally Board

1. Download and print tally board template or take to photo lab/print shop. If you use a photo/lab print shop, use a dry erase marker.

2. Place in 11"x14" frame and display at the party.

3. As your guests arrive, have them guess whether the baby is a boy or girl by marking the board in the appropriate column.