Back-to-School Bulletin Board: Stay Organized During the Rush

The slower pace and lazy days of summer have come to an end, and the school year often feels like a blur of bustling activity and busy schedules that keep you rushing along. Don’t get caught up in the wave of overscheduling and flood of incoming paperwork. Use a bulletin board to help get your schedule and life on track. Use the board to display A+ worksheets, stellar artwork or other treasured items for a decorative touch that keeps your fridge and counters from becoming overly cluttered. Consider transforming a decorative bulletin board into a central hub for your family’s communication by using it for reminders, a large calendar or an inbox and outbox for important papers.

Back-to-School Bulletin Board: Stay Organized During the Rush


A hectic schedule increases the odds that you and your child could forget about important appointments, milestones, tests and other events. Getting kids off to school and heading out to work can pass by in a blur and it’s easy to overlook important details. Set up a family bulletin board next to the breakfast nook or by the hooks where you keep your coats and backpacks. Get into the routine of posting important appointments and upcoming events as soon as you know about them. Check the board every day before leaving the house to minimize the odds of overlooking an important appointment.

Customized Calendar

Use your back to school bulletin board to create a family calendar every month. Store push pins, scissors and index cards in desk accessories such as a lazy Susan and place it near the board for optimal convenience. Pin index cards, sticky notes or blank paper onto the board to create a monthly grid. Add parent-teacher meetings, work events, sporting events, parties and school events for the month. Keep the calendar in a handy spot and get into the habit of reviewing it once a week or every evening to stay abreast of any impending events.


Permission slips, report cards and anything else that requires your review, attention or signature should go on the incoming bulletin board. Have your child get into the habit of emptying his backpack or tote bag every day and placing the paperwork that needs your attention on this bulletin board. You and your spouse can get into the habit of reviewing the board every day and taking the necessary action before pinning the completed paperwork to the outbox. Arrange this back-to-school bulletin board near your child’s coat or backpack. Encourage your child to get into the habit of checking the board every day to take the paperwork back to school in a timely fashion.

In addition to using a bulletin board to help you keep your family’s schedule organized, consider adding personalization to your child’s backpack and school gear to keep multiple items easy to recognize both at home and at school. We offer personalization on most of our backpacks, lunchbags and gear accessories. Use a label maker or decorative paper to label your bulletin boards, adding the name of the month or the name of the board to keep multiple boards separate and easy to identify at a glance.