Backpack Party Favors

Fill these cute backpacks with crayons, pencils and other school-themed prizes for a smart party favor that makes the grade.

Tools and Materials

  • 8 brown paper bags (we used the smaller ones found at most craft stores)
  • 6 pieces of 12" square scrapbooking paper – two coordinating patterns and a solid color to go with them
  • Glue dots or double-stick tape
  • Crayons, pencils, stickers and other small party favors
  • Scissors or X-acto knife
  • Cutting mats
  • Straight edge
  • 3/4-1" circular craft punch (optional)

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Cut about 1" off of the top of each bag.

2. Cut 16 1" strips from the solid-colored paper with the X-acto knife and straight edge on your cutting mat. These will be used for the backpack straps.

3. Cut the patterned paper into strips that are the same width as the paper bag (4 inches in our case). Then, cut those strips into thirds, leaving you with 4" squares.

4. With the pattern facing out, fold the square in half, creating a crease in the paper.

5. Take one edge of the folded square and fold that in to the center of the square. Make another crease.

6. Open the square back up and turn over. Using a pencil on the back, sketch out a semi-circle on the uncreased side. (Try tracing a glass or other round object to get the shape right.)

7. Cut out the semi-circle using either scissors or an X-acto knife.

8. Using a small circular craft punch, make 8 small circles from the solid-color paper. (You can also just cut them with scissors.)

9. Attach the small round piece – the "button" – to the rounded side of the patterned paper using glue dots or double-stick tape. For a sweet vintage look, glue on real buttons that have an old-fashioned look.

10. Now attach the patterned paper or "flap" to the top of the bag. Only secure the back (or creased) side.

11. Fix the straps to the back of the bag, starting at the top of the strap. Once they're attached, bend the strap over and attach the bottom.

12. Secure the flap by placing a glue dot under the button and close. Fill with treats.