5 Must-Haves for Baby's First Christmas

Your baby is probably too young to wait up for Santa Claus or help you bake cookies: for them, the fun of Christmas is the general sense of warmth and joy, the excitement of spending time with extended family, and all the interesting smells and sights that make an appearance at this time of year. Here are five great ideas for making your baby's first Christmas memorable for every member of the family.

5 Must-Haves for Baby's First Christmas
  • Choose a special stocking.

    Make sure Santa knows that this is an extra-special Christmas in your house by giving your baby a stocking that celebrates their first Christmas. Stuff it with a few small, sweet gifts and a plush animal or two.

  • Take lots of photos.

    Print out a few and preserve them in one of your family albums. When planning for Christmas morning, think about a place your baby can sit or lie to be part of the action and the photos: their own small chair or a festive blanket spread on the floor, for instance.

  • Hang a commemorative ornament.

    It can be a small animal figurine that reminds you of their favorite plush toy, or one that's designed to be a lifelong keepsake, such as a handprint kit or an engravable picture frame.

  • Snuggle them up in personalized pajamas.

    Festive sleepwear that's personalized with their name looks sweet, and the apparel itself may become one of those treasured keepsakes you hold onto long after your baby has grown.

  • Give one very special gift.

    A tactile, colorful quilt, an extra-cuddly new plush toy, or a music box that plays a sweet lullaby are all gifts that you'll enjoy giving as much as they'll enjoy receiving.