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Three DIY Bird Feeders for Kids

Foster a sense of curiosity and love of the outdoors with these simple bird feeders that kids can make with a little bit of adult supervision. Pottery Barn kids' DIY bird feeder ideas are quick and easy to make. You may even have everything you need on hand already!


Berry and Cereal Garland

This DIY bird feeder for kids is super simple. You'll just need a long piece of craft wire, blueberries and a kid-friendly cereal. Choose cereals that have some sort of opening or hole the kids can use to string the wire through. Then, simply thread the wire through the berries and the cereal pieces until you have a nice length of garland to hang in front of a window. You and your kids can make this simple feeder on a spring or summer weekend evening.

The next morning, you can serve the kids bowls of cereal and berries and watch the birds enjoy the same after you tack up the garland right outside your breakfast nook window. Wait until the last minute to put up the garland; birds are going to love this easy-to-eat treat, and you'll want to let the kids watch as much of the feast as possible.  

Upcycled Citrus Cups

If your kids like fresh-squeezed juice, this project is a great idea. You can make several bird feeders for kids while also creating a snack for the kids to enjoy. Like the previous project, your children can share their snack with the birds, which can be a fun way of experiencing nature firsthand. This one takes less time and effort, and after they're empty, you can encourage eco-friendly habits by adding the rinds to your compost pile.

Start your prep by picking out good-sized citrus fruits. Stick with sturdy citrus varieties like orange and grapefruit; you'll be using rind halves to hold the birdseed, so thin-skinned citrus like clementines and tangerines aren't the best choices. Cut the fruits in half and juice them, taking care to preserve the rinds in unbroken cups. Older kids can help you scoop out the leftover insides with spoons so there's just the white pith left inside. Then simply fill the empty citrus halves with birdseed. You can either poke small holes in the sides of the rind cups to suspend them from backyard tree branches, or rest them on your patio railing.

Birdie Cookies

Show your kids how to make a bird feeder with cookie cutters by assembling birdseed, an envelope of unflavored gelatin, cookie cutters, a cookie sheet, wax paper and a pencil. Dissolve the gelatin in 1/4 cup of warm water, then add enough birdseed to make a wet mixture that holds its shape. Place the cookie cutters on a wax-paper-lined cookie sheet and pack with the birdseed mixture. Then use the pencil to poke a hole at the top of the shapes so you can thread ribbons through to hang them. After letting the shapes dry overnight, you can pop them out of the cutters and string from trees. Budding chefs may be particularly interested in this bird feeder project because it requires some fun kitchen steps.