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How to Make Bath Time Fun for Kids

Ready to encourage your child to get excited when it’s time to head to the tub? This ritual can easily become a time everyone loves. Bath time is super fun, after all. If you’re considering how to make bath time fun for toddlers, let these tips guide you to sudsy success. From baby bath toys to behind-the-scenes strategy, you’ll be on the right track to make bath time enjoyable for you and the kids.

Bath Toys

Get Ready to Splash and Play

There’s no better way to start out on a fun foot than by introducing some exciting bath toys into the mix. Every child is different; some love exploring the depths of the tub with a squeaky rubber ducky, while others love the kaleidoscopic color of dissolving tabs that turn the water into a swirly rainbow. Wind-up toys that can swim through the suds and foam letter stickers can help growing minds get even more enthusiastic. Consider providing a range of options for your child to choose from.

Envelop the Entire Room in Excitement

You can make the entire bathroom feel more appealing by decorating it in a way that makes it feel even more welcoming to your toddler. Pick out a colorful shower curtain and bath mat in shades your child loves and try to incorporate some fun details here and there. Animal-shaped bath mats or shower curtains printed with fish can encourage imaginative play, which lets you turn the bath into something fun and adventurous using the power of creativity. Focus on what your child likes – if he or she’s obsessed with sharks, for example, shark motifs and nautical themes turn the bathroom into an underwater wonderland.

Calm the Chaos

If the bathroom feels a little wild while you’re trying to get your child into the tub, some effective organization is an important factor to consider. If you can smoothly go from fully dressed to sudsy amusement, you’ll show your child just how fun and stress-free a bath can be. Stock up on kid-friendly bathroom essentials to make the process even smoother. Water-resistant bins make bath-toy storage a breeze, and a handy hook or two keeps the floor free of clothes when it’s time to dry off.

Get Bubbly

Adding some suds to the water makes the bath look like a fairytale world to jump into. Soap-based bubble baths provide the perfect stealth cleaning power that can be ideal if your baby or toddler doesn’t love the scrubbing part of the process. Some scrubbing and rubbing are still necessary, but it’s easier to use the bathwater itself. A colorful sponge can also make your washing tasks more fun and efficient, and a bubble bath is pretty hard to resist! You can let your kid splash around and enjoy the bubbles for a little while as you get them clean with soap.

Wrap Them Up in Fun

Some kids don’t mind the bathing part of bath time as much as they do the part where they actually have to get out of the bath. Make that easier by introducing some adorable hooded towels or bathrobes into the routine. Plus, your towel or robe choice can extend the imaginative fun of bath time by letting him or her wear a little costume at the end of the soak.

Move Off the Night Shift

It makes sense to bathe toddlers before bed, but that doesn’t mean bath time has to be the last thing you do before story time. If your little one seems cranky at bath time, he might just be tired. Some kids don’t always like to do much when they’re sleepy, and a bath might just be a little too much to handle once grogginess sets in. Try giving his or her bath an hour earlier than normal and see if that helps. You can spend the time between bath and bed doing some quiet, clean activities, like reading books together.