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Enjoy the Sun: 3 Lawn Games for Kids

When the long evenings, pleasant weather and green grass of summer finally arrive, it’s the perfect opportunity to head outside for some outdoor lawn games with the entire family! Not only is it fun for kids to get outside, but it’s a great way for everyone to spend some time together while getting some fresh air. The only question is, "What games should we play?" Luckily for you, there are so many options! Here are some favorites from Pottery Barn Kids.




Are you looking to add a touch of nostalgia to your lawn-time fun? How about a lovely game of croquet? Just the name alone conjures up mental images of turn-of-the-century garden parties and countryside vacations and tea parties. Simply set up the wickets (go ahead and let the kids design their own "custom" patterns!), pass out the mallets, pick a color for your croquet ball and you're ready for fun!

Croquet is a great backyard game for kids and adults alike, since it's a summer pastime that can include anyone old enough to hold a mallet. Playing the game requires some hand-eye coordination, as well as general upper-body strength (those croquet balls are a bit heavy!), so if you have small children, kid-friendly croquet sets are also available. Plus, the premise is so simple and easy for little ones to understand! Whoever gets their ball through all the wickets before anyone else is the winner.


Bocce Ball

For a simple lawn game that everyone can enjoy, bocce ball is a fun outdoor game that is kind of a cross between bowling and life-size marbles. Anyone who can toss a ball can play bocce ball. Players try to make their bocce balls land as close as possible to a target ball, but things can get tricky when the target ball gets hit and changes position. All you’ll need is a set of game balls, a grassy spot and a good throwing arm!


Frisbee Games

Once children get a great handle on their throwing techniques, and they're excited about catching a spinning plastic disc, the opportunities for games abound. One great game for a group is to simply see how long you can continually pass the Frisbee around without anyone dropping it – while continually taking steps back each time to make the throwing distances longer. Keep track of your score and try to improve as a group.

Another game option is Frisbee bowling. Use empty plastic bottles for pins, let the Frisbee fly and test your throwing accuracy. It's tons of fun! Frisbee is also great because there's really no setup or cleanup – just grab the disc and find some grass! With all that running around, remember to keep some handy water bottles around.

Do you want some additional outdoor fun? Think kites, inflatables and other outdoor toys. And be sure to keep your outdoor activities organized with a family tote that stores all your Frisbees and other outdoor supplies. Finally, you can keep spectators comfy and happy by supplying some simple outdoor seating.