Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies

Whether you’re in search of gifts for your little one or for something special for a friend or family member’s child, a baby’s first Christmas is a wonderful and exciting time. The gift ideas are practically innumerable – from silver frames to plush critters to adorable outfits – and there’s no shortage of cuteness in store for the jolliest time of the season. While some gifts are truly for parents to hold onto as keepsakes for years to come, there are also great choices to help the little one explore and learn during the first year.

Developmental Toy

Keepsakes for Parents

If it’s your little one’s first Christmas, there are definitely some things you can do to help make the season even more memorable. Instead of buying boxed cards this year, opt for something personal that features a photo of your baby in a beautiful Christmas outfit, or posing with toys. Faraway relatives are sure to enjoy a lovely photo of the new arrival, and on most cards you can add several pictures for a few joyful family shots as well. Keep some for yourself to treasure for years to come, and also to show your child when he or she becomes older. Another great keepsake idea is baby’s first silver spoon or cup. Pottery Barn Kids has a wealth of keepsake gifts, which are wonderful for parents now, but that your child can also treasure when he or she becomes an adult. Some gifts are even those your family can pass on from generation to generation.

Musical Fun

Help your baby explore the world with musical gifts. Wooden xylophones and drums made specifically for infants and toddlers are great ideas. Baby’s first keyboard, tambourines and kazoos also can help your little one make noises and refine his or her motor skills. Stuffed animals and other toys with sound and lights help to spark your baby’s interest too. For very young infants, red, black and white toys help their eyes start to focus and easily capture their attention.

Holiday Clothing

Even though infants aren’t yet old enough to add socks, pajamas and other essentials to their Christmas lists, it’s still a perfect time to style them up in festive holiday gear. Who doesn’t want to be cozy? Overload on cute goodies with items such as holiday slippers, baby’s first Christmas socks and warm pajamas with footies that are as functional as they are adorable. If your family celebrates Hanukkah instead of Christmas, look for beautiful snow-themed pajamas in blue and white Hanukkah colors, or consider a solid flannel pajama set that’s great for lighting up the candles every night of the holiday.

Starting Family Traditions

Sometimes the best Christmas gifts aren’t always tangible. If you’re a young family, it’s a wonderful idea to start Christmas and holiday traditions that your child can look forward to year after year. Check to see if there is a local Polar Express steam train in your town or a trolley ride. Take your child to visit Santa in a fun and imaginative setting. Make salt dough ornaments or make gingerbread houses from scratch. Buy a pre-made ornament with your family’s name and holiday year every year. No matter the tradition you start, it can be something celebratory that your child will no doubt look forward to every year as the holidays approach.

Stuffed Animals

Every baby needs a stuffed buddy to hug. When shopping, ensure that the materials are baby-safe and no part of the animal poses a choking hazard (such as plastic eyes). There are plenty of dolls made just for infants that babies love nuzzling up to at cuddle time. A doll is also a good way to begin pretend play, which is an important part of your child’s development.

A Little Holiday Reading

Books are always a perfect gift, no matter the occasion. Reading to your child is so important, and most babies love to cuddle up on your lap and go to sleep with a nice book in mom or dad’s voice. Books are also a great gift for friends and loved ones’ babies too. Look for holiday-themed books that are filled with Santa and reindeer, or opt for books that work well all year long, such as Brown Bear, Brown Bear or Goodnight Moon. There are countless numbers of children’s classics that are bound to keep you and your baby entertained for hours.