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Bath Time Books for Babies

Whether your toddler is apprehensive about bath time or you have a baby who loves staring at the colors and shapes in books, books make bath time more fun for everyone. From books about bath time to waterproof options that you can take into the tub, bath time books for babies are a great accessory to keep on hand.

Books and Games

Books About Bath Time

Want to help your baby look forward to bath time? It can help to read some books about how fun it is to bathe. Try reading the book together in the bathroom before starting the bath to prepare your little one. Having some quiet snuggle time before the bath can also help relax children who aren’t fond of bath time – being in the bathroom for a fun, comforting purpose can make bath time a little less daunting. “Pigeon Needs a Bath” by Mo Willems and “Small Elephant’s Bath time” by Tatyana Feeney are two great options.

Books to Read in the Bath

Reading to your baby in the bath is fun, too! Some baby bath books have soft, waterproof pages and can float when they’re dunked in the sudsy water. In many ways, they’re the ultimate combination between a kid’s book and a bath toy. These books provide comfort and entertainment during a potentially tumultuous activity. With bright, colorful pictures and simple text – or no text at all – it’s easy to comfort your baby or toddler for a few minutes while they bathe. You may want to have a partner hold the book and do the reading while you do the sudsing, or vice-versa. You can start your search with “Barnyard Bath!” by Sandra Boynton or “Squeaky Baby Bath Animals” from DK Publishing.

Ready for Reading in the Bath?

Bath time activities usually focus on whatever it is that your child likes most, and that’s especially true if he or she is a reluctant bather. If your baby or toddler is completely captivated whenever you read to them, baby bath books are a great way to make things enjoyable while you give them a quick wash. Reading in the bath also helps set a calming tone for the bath after playing with toys.

Balancing Reading with Bathing

It’s important to keep bath times shorter to prevent drying out your baby’s skin. If you’re finding you’re spending quite a bit of time reading during bath time, consider saving the book for directly after the bath. Wrap your baby or toddler up in a hooded towel or bath wrap so they stay warm, dry and cozy, then sit on the bath mat and read the book together before cozying up in a robe or getting ready for the day.

Other Reading Activities for Bath Time

As your baby gets older, you can get alphabet-focused bath toys and point out similarities between the letter shapes in the tub and the letters on bottles of shampoos and soaps. These little activities are so joyful and beneficial. Plus, they give you and your child time to bond together, they make education into a fun game and they keep bath time fun and light for everyone involved.