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6 Tips for Personalizing a Nursery

Build a warm and welcoming nursery for baby with our best tips for personalization. From building a design around a family heirloom to creating a sparkling display of glittery letters, At Pottery Barn Kids, we have the decor and ideas you need to create a personalized nursery that will be perfect for your newest addition.


Draw Inspiration from Your Favorite Places

Design a nursery that's warm and familiar by incorporating elements reminiscent of your favorite places. That peaceful weekend at a cozy lakeside cottage can inspire a nursery drawn in cool blue and rich green tones, with rustic furnishings and cabin-inspired lighting. A honeymoon trip to Paris may bring in classical design elements and vintage-inspired accents. Spend a little time reflecting on the details of your favorite place to take in the highlights, and don't forget to include a special memento or framed photo of your time there.

Celebrate Baby's Name

Add baby's new name to quintessential nursery items by personalizing blankets, toys and chairs. These everyday personalized baby items will help increase baby's recognition of the special letters that create their very own name, and it will help them know that the space is all theirs. If you have twins or multiples, create individualized areas by defining their own spaces with their names.

Incorporate Favorite Objects

A collection of vintage superhero figures or grandma's handmade quilt can serve as inspiration to design a perfectly personalized nursery. Incorporate a few favorite retro childhood characters, perhaps with Star Wars™-themed furniture, Marvel bedding and Super Hero play sets. Beautiful family heirlooms can be lovingly displayed alongside modern patterns and fixtures, and they’ll hold a place of honor in baby's special room.

Make the Most of Decorative Letters

Available in a wide variety of styles and colors, decorative letters can be used to personalize baby's nursery space. Use a series of bold lighted marquee letters to spell out baby's name on a nursery wall, or hang a string of delicate cursive glitter letters to convey a special word or phrase. A single-letter printed magnet board does double duty holding photos or reminders, or a custom-cut wall monogram can make a great focal point near baby's bed.

Measure Baby's Growth

Cherish every milestone by hanging a personalized growth chart on the nursery wall. Toddlers and young children will love looking back on how much they've grown. Parents can even incorporate their own childhood measurements to see how the family measures up over time. A wall-hung growth chart is perfect for families on the move. Unlike the simple pencil tallies of the past, this chart can be brought along to any new space and is a permanent record of baby's accomplishments.

Add Meaningful Artwork

Select nursery artwork that's meaningful to baby and family to personalize the nursery walls. Allow yourself to be inspired by fanciful dreams and playful nicknames, choosing from pieces that remind you of the strong bonds families create together. A framed inspirational quote or colorful watercolor print can brighten an especially long day and can soothe both baby and parents alike.