3 Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids

Rainbows, shamrocks and pots of gold make St. Patrick’s Day a wonderful time to celebrate with some adorable kids’ crafts. If you’re looking for some fun, decorative projects for kids to display in their rooms or even wear, check out this list of three easy art ideas from Pottery Barn Kids.

Kids Crafts

Rainbow Collage

This simple collage project is a fun and easy way to teach kids about the colors of the rainbow while encouraging some innovative thinking. The end result is artistic and sweet – a great combination for St. Patrick’s Day crafts! To get the project set up, draw a rainbow shape with different sections for each color by hand or using a design program on your computer. Print out enough copies for each child to have one, plus a few extra in case they want to explore some new color combinations. Then, pass out stickers, paint and even pictures cut out from magazines in each color of the rainbow. You can make it easy for the kids by arranging everything on a craft table, including glue sticks and piles of items in each color. The kids can then fill in their rainbows according to color, resulting in a bright collage.

Painted Shamrock Pots

For a quick and easy project kids can use multiple ways, provide small terracotta pots and some craft paint for the little artists to use for decoration. They can create a St. Patrick’s Day theme using gold, green and black paints or add a rainbow stripe around the pot. To give the craft an extra bit of pizzazz, use potting soil and a shamrock-like plant, such as oxalis, to fill it in. This project is a great way to focus on creating long-lasting St. Patrick’s Day art for kids. The kids will be able to enjoy their crafty efforts for weeks or even years to come. You can also make this project more low-maintenance with a faux plant.

Sprightly Leprechaun Hats

Let your little ones pretend to be leprechauns by having them make their very own green top hats. This craft uses colored paper, stickers, glue, scissors and yarn to create fun hats the kids can wear as their “something green” for the holiday. To make the project even easier, cut templates for the brim of the hat (a circle wide enough for a child’s head), the stovepipe (a tall rectangle) and the top of the hat (a circle that’s the same size as the curled stovepipe cylinder). Then you can show the kids how to glue the parts together and use stickers to decorate. Tie the yarn onto each hat when everyone’s done so the hats stay in place. It’s a fun dress-up craft for St. Patrick’s Day!