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3 Cute & Easy Father's Day Gifts from Kids

At Pottery Barn Kids, we have some great Fathers' Day gift ideas for kids to make with a little adult supervision and a lot of love. You and the kids can choose the project (or projects!) you think look fun, and dad is sure to love the finished product.


Painted Coasters

DIY Father's Day gifts for kids are great if they're also useful in some way. If dad is a big fan of wooden furniture and likes to keep tables and other furniture surfaces clean and free from watermarks, you can make him happy this Father's Day with some painted cork coasters. Find or cut out plain cork coasters in a size and shape you like and let the kids decorate them with acrylic craft paint. You can use stencils, masking tape, stickers and even leaves to create shapes for the coasters or give the kids free rein to create an abstract freeform design of their own creation. Kids may find small sponge brushes easier to use than traditional paintbrushes, but you may want to keep both kinds on hand so little ones can stretch their artistic muscles.

Photo Collage

Photo collage picture frames are a simple Father's Day gift that are fun and easy for kids to make. Have them pick out some of their favorite photos with their dad—whether it's pictures from a family vacation or snapshots from an everyday bedtime story-reading session. Older kids who are able to trace and safely use scissors can help cut the photos to size for the collage frame and help place them inside. You'll end up with a beautiful, original piece of wall art for dad to display in his favorite room in the house.

Father's Day Snack Basket with Card

Keeping it simple is a great idea when dad is a down-to-earth kind of guy. This gift lets the kids get creative with a card in addition to gifting dad with a big basket of his favorite snacks or treats. Have the kids choose which snacks to include by asking them what dad's favorite foods are or what he likes to do on the weekend. This is a fun exercise that gets the kids used to the idea of thinking of others when picking out gifts. Assemble all your craft supplies and let the kids go to town decorating and writing out their loving messages. Each child can make their own card to include with the basket, and you can even make one, too!