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Baby Halloween Costumes


Your baby’s first Halloween is an important event. It’s a small glance into a future that involves years of trick-or-treating, picking out costumes and watching beloved Halloween movies and specials on TV as you devour your favorite sweet treats. One day, your little one will also want to look back at photos and see just what type of baby Halloween costume you chose for him. Pottery Barn Kids offers a vast selection of adorable baby Halloween costumes in sizes that fit babies and toddlers ages 0 to 24 months.


Choosing your baby’s first or even second Halloween costume is a time to let your imagination run wild, because soon he will have many of his own opinions about what to wear on the big night. You want something cute, but you should also take into consideration how comfortable it will be for your child. If Halloween is typically cold where you live, look for something soft, snuggly and warm like a bodysuit shaped like a favorite animal. This ensures your little elephant or polar bear doesn’t get too chilly if you decide to go out and mingle with the little ghosts and goblins searching for candy in your neighborhood. Many baby costumes include hoods or hats that provide extra protection from the cold.


Another thing to consider is convenience. Your baby is probably going to require a diaper change or two at some point on Halloween, so you may want to choose a costume that’s easy to zip or snap in place. Animal costumes are definitely among the top choices for parents, and it’s hard to resist a baby dressed like a little lamb, puppy, monkey or mouse. For added spookiness, you can try an animal with a little more edge, such as a shark, skunk or vampire bat, or something a bit more unique, such as a penguin or flamingo.


If you’re more into sci-fi and fantasy than woodland creatures, your baby might look good as a dragon or unicorn. And if you feel like choosing something other than an animal, there are still plenty of baby Halloween costume options available.


Perhaps the most classic Halloween tradition for infants is to dress up like pumpkin. A little round orange pumpkin or jack-o’-lantern costume typically slides right on over baby’s clothes, such as a black or white solid bodysuit, leggings and long-sleeve shirt. This gives you plenty of options when it comes to dressing your child up for the appropriate weather. A little witch costume is another classic option, as are ghosts and black cats. These costumes often come with separate matching accessories, including hats or capes.


If you plan to take your baby on a trial trick-or-treating run, consider purchasing a matching treat bag too. While he may be too little to enjoy those chocolate bars, he will gladly share with you. If you have multiple children, think about sticking with a theme that can involve every member of the entire family, even the smallest. For example, if an older sister dresses like Dorothy from Oz, her baby brother could be a lion or even Toto the dog. If an older brother dresses up like a firefighter, his infant sister would make the perfect tiny firehouse Dalmatian. The same concept works for multiples. If you have twins, look for costumes that complement each other. Popular pairs include superheroes like Batman and Robin, food–related costume pairs like cake and ice cream or ketchup and mustard, and classics like Raggedy Ann and Andy or a prince and princess. Whatever costume you choose, remember to have fun with it. You aren’t just picking something out for grandparents and the neighbors to love; you’re creating a memory that will last a lifetime.

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