Halloween Treat Bags


While costumes and spooky stories are part of the fun of Halloween, it is safe to say that most kids have their eye on the prize. In this case, that prize is candy. Our Halloween treat bags are just what you need to help your kid get in on the excitement of this sugary-sweet holiday. With a variety of fun shaped, carefully designed treat bags to choose from, you and your child can select the ideal candy-carrying accessory to his or her costume. Leave your pillowcases on the bed and upgrade to an awesome Halloween trick or treat kidsʼ candy tote instead.


Wonderfully decorative in their own right, our Halloween treat bags come in a variety of colors and styles. From traditional Halloween motifs, such as bats, cats and smiling pumpkins to owls, unicorns and airplanes, we offer an entire collection of creative, cute and capacious trick-or-treat bags for kids.


Many of our treat bags are personalizable, so if your kids each select the same bag for their candy, you can still tell them apart. Even the sweetest kid may turn territorial when candy is up for grabs, so personalization has an extra element of utility with this application. You can help your kid feel extra special on this big night too, and allow him or her to feel even more immersed in a fun costume persona with a matching treat bag.


The magic of Halloween is about much more than the candy alone, which is why a decorative treat bag thatʼs fun on its own is such a great idea. Sturdily constructed from materials, such as foam and felt, you can use these treat bags again and again each year as your child grows up.


Whether you choose to store your treat bags when Halloween season is over or you let your little ones use these fun containers to hold toys and other treats year-round, our trick-or-treat bags are durable, versatile and fun to look at. Pottery Barn Kids offers several different styles, including some printed canvas bags that are terrific totes for beach, pool or travel during the Halloween off-season.


With treat bags in the right size for kids of all ages, including toddlers, you can count on our selection of Halloween accessories to hold up through all your childʼs developmental stages. If something happens to spill on your treat bag, you can spot clean and dry for later use. Thanks to our use of soft, familiar materials, your child will be delighted with not only the treats inside the bag but the bag itself.


Several of our Halloween treat bags match well with our kidsʼ costumes, meaning you can create a wonderfully cohesive costume for your child to enjoy. Halloween is all about helping your little ones feel special and unique. This is one of the only times of year when wearing a costume out of the house is a perfectly normal thing to do, so helping kids get into the spirit of things can result in a real passion for the holiday that may last well into adulthood.


Coordinating items for a Halloween costume can even be a great lesson in creating complete outfits as well. The treat bag is a major part of the Halloween experience. Even if your trick-or-treating plans arenʼt very complex, having a special bag to collect candy and other treats is a rite of passage for kids who celebrate this festive, enjoyable holiday. Best of all, by setting candy aside in a special treat container, you help your kids understand that sweets, while tempting, are best enjoyed in moderation.