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The Movement

Fair Trade Certified
Fair Trade is a global movement that puts people and the planet first. By choosing Fair Trade Certified rugs, bedding or furniture, you help us give back to the workers that make our products, allowing them to invest in their communities. watch the video

The Standards

Safer Working Environment
For a product to become Fair Trade Certified, factories must meet a rigorous set of social, environmental and economic standards to create a safe and healthy workplace with a special emphasis on protection for women and empowering employees.

The Impact

The People Behind Our Products
We pay a percentage of the product cost to a community development fund, which workers receive to cover projects that they deem address major needs, from bicycles to clean water and healthcare.


lives are improved by our Fair Trade program

$3 Million

in community development funds will be paid back to our workers


"Fair Trade inspires me to save 5000 INR into the savings account of my two daughters for their studies. I feel proud to be able to educate my children."

– Bijender Birpali Weaver and Factory Associate, Raj Overseas


"We received Fair Trade benefits not only for ourselves but for our families. I am extremely proud to have been voted president by my sisters [co-workers] to organize and help distribute benefits to the factory."

– Pooja Niraula Factory Associate and President,
Fair Trade Committee, Everest


"The best part of Fair Trade is that they care about our workers. I'm happy and grateful to WSI to believe in our product and to help bring Fair Trade here to help our workers."

– Pham Xuan Nam Purchasing Room Associate and
Fair Trade PMT Chairman

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