4 Twin Nursery Ideas

Having twins can be incredibly exciting for parents who, like most, were only expecting one blessing. Having twins also lets you have double the fun when it comes to decorating your nursery!

Many aspects of nursery planning are the same whether you're having one or two kids. Use this guide from Pottery Barn Kids to help you set up a stylish, special space for your twins.

1. Plan Your Space Early

A nursery for twins is going to require two cribs and duplicate versions of a few other items, so planning your space is essential. This is true even if you're lucky enough to have a large room available for your nursery. You're still going to want to make sure you use every inch of your nursery wisely for both form and function.

The best thing you can do before actually buying and placing furniture is to make a simple sketch of your room and how you plan to set it up. You don't have to be a master draftsman to do this - you just need to know how large your space is and how big the items you want to use in your nursery are.

Doing this before you start shopping can ensure that your nursery is a pleasure to spend time in with your new twins.

2. Find a Fun Color Scheme

Nurseries lend themselves to bold, pleasing colors since they're designed to be happy spaces for your child. While classic pink and blue can still be wonderful, nurseries designed for twins may need to be more gender-neutral spaces if you're having both a boy and a girl.

To achieve this, go for colors like ocean blue, yellow, or even a mixture of colors like orange and cream if you want to work with brighter paints. Mossy green, teal tones and rich grays can work exceptionally well if you prefer a more saturated color scheme.

Not all nurseries have to be brightly colored, though. For a more subdued, comfortable space that offers peace and tranquility for kids and parents, opt for neutral color schemes utilizing taupe, tan, cream or white. For more visual interest, use varying textures and tones of neutral colors in the same space.

You can always add more vibrant color to your nursery through decorative accessories and wall art as well, so don't feel like you have to get them on the walls.

3. Pick Matching Furniture

Planning your space and thinking about a color scheme can help get your room together quickly no matter what style you prefer. Once you've decided on a color scheme, you can start picking furniture that you'll use every day.

Nurseries for twins require two cribs and in almost every setting, choosing a matching pair will help you create a foundation for the rest of your room. After all, the cribs you choose are going to take up the most room in the space and be a major focal point. Depending on your color scheme, you may want to opt for metal cribs in gold, silver or black, or go for neutral options in metal or wood in white or cream. Colorful metal and painted wood options will work in rooms with plain walls where you want to add more color, or spaces where an exciting color palette is the goal.

Along with cribs, you'll need at least one changing station. Having two seats in your room, or even a small loveseat or sofa, allows you to comfortably spend time with your children in their new room. Many parents choose to place chairs or benches at the foot of each crib so they can easily keep an eye on their kids without standing.

Dressers for baby clothes and storage options including low shelves are ideal for all of your nursery needs.

4. Accessorize Your Nursery

Whether you choose a nursery finished in neutral tones or vibrant colors, the right accessories and decorative elements will help the room feel finished. Some accessories also make the space more comfortable for parents and children.

  • Add a rug on the floor beneath your seating area. Oversized rugs can help fill a large room and fit under your seating area and cribs. They can also reduce foot noise that can wake a sleeping child.
  • Use decorative accessories that perform a function like floor and table lamps to add color and make your nursery feel more sophisticated. These will also give you more lighting options other than your overhead lights.
  • Hang wall art to provide color and decoration to your nursery. Animal prints and even geometric color blocks can be fun and visually stimulating for young children.
  • Place real or artificial plants in your nursery. They can breathe life into any space and are easy to maintain in the right environment.

Creating a beautiful space for a child on the way can be an exciting project for parents. When you've got two kids on the way, the process can be double the fun! A well-designed nursery will also be a big help for mom and dad! Utilize these tips to give your children the nursery you've always dreamed of having.