Kids’ Thanksgiving Decorations

Put an emphasis on gratitude this Thanksgiving with decorations that add flair and fun to any gathering. Start where any great Thanksgiving celebration begins: in the kitchen. Before counting down to Christmas, hang up a festive countdown calendar in the kitchen area and gather around the calendar each day to count down the days until Thanksgiving. This can be a time when you explain to young children exactly what will happen during the Thanksgiving celebration and who all will be in town for the fun. If the children will be meeting relatives for the first time, tell them all about the new guests. Discuss the delectable foods that will be served and any family traditions that you honor as part of your Thanksgiving each year. In this way, the calendar can become a part of your traditions itself.

Although your entire family may look forward to Thanksgiving as you count down until its arrival, it can be hard for children to be patient for a long meal with multiple courses. With other kids at the gathering and all the excitement in the air, it can be hard for kids to keep calm and well-behaved. Give them a Thanksgiving turkey plush animal that can also double as Thanksgiving decor. One can sit in the chair of each child for a fun surprise when they arrive at the table. Other small Pottery Barn Kids toys can serve as presents to keep children happy and occupied throughout the long meal.

When it comes time for Thanksgiving Day itself, set the happy mood for immense gratitude by putting up decorations that reiterate the beloved theme of the holiday. You may opt to accent your dining space with a thankful banner. In warm fall colors with the shape of fallen leaves at each end, the banner garlard announces that the time to celebrate is now. For an extra oomph of festive fun, place multiple banners in different corners of the room or several different areas of the home. You may even want to put up garland in your children’s playroom to remind them to be thankful throughout the day.

Prepare for an organized celebration that goes off smoothly by choosing a turkey chairbacker. It has full fall colors and a plush, aesthetically pleasing design. These festive chair decorations serve a significant purpose in announcing to guests where they should sit. It’s a subtle and easy way of designating where certain family members should sit for the best time. If you have a meat-loving cousin who just loves to tease your vegan aunt, it’s best to separate them during the meal for everyone’s peace of mind. This simple way of seating guests can also ensue that kids don’t argue at the table about who gets to sit next to who. Simply announce to the kids in a fun way that they should look for their name on the chairbacker and sit quietly there until everyone else is seated. Just make sure there’s adequate kids’ seating at the table.

Preparing your actual Thanksgiving table requires a lot more than cooking even the most delicious holiday meal. You need to prep the dining room table for the big meal first. Choose the right table cloth and Thanksgiving table runner to show off your holiday decorating style. Whether it’s a felt leaf runner or one made out of paper, be sure it conveys the mood you’d like for the holiday dinner. Then comes the centerpieces. You may opt to have pumpkins that pay a nod to the fall season or go for a tree centerpiece that celebrates the falling leaves that this time of year brings. Next, you may also want to place books between areas where kids will sit to help ensure they are entertained throughout the meal.

To put the finishing touches on your Thanksgiving set-up, be sure that you have set the table to your satisfaction. You can choose a personalized plate for every child at your Thanksgiving meal, which can serve as a great souvenir they can take home and enjoy as they remember the occasion. Matching Thanksgiving tumblers and platters look great at any holiday table.