Advent Calendars

There are few ways better to usher in Christmas than with an advent calendar. Pottery Barn Kids has a nice selection of advent calendars that are usable year after year. Should this be your child’s first Christmas, we offer an adorable baby’s first Christmas knit advent calendar. The calendar comes in the shape of an owl in winter. It is suitable to personalize and give it to your little one as a keepsake when he or she is older. The calendar has 25 pockets that are ideal for filling each one with a little trinket or snack item.


Families who have a love of all things Star Wars™ are likely to get a kick out of the R2-D2 advent calendar. This mischievous droid is also a great choice for boys who wish to count down the days to Christmas. The calendar was created with true-to-film character details so that your little one recognizes it right away. The piece is made from 100 percent cotton percale, which is extremely durable and has a loop in the back for hanging near the fireplace. A total of 25 pockets adorn the calendar and are the ideal size for small pieces of chocolate.


Of course, all children recognize Santa, who is the biggest Christmas icon. Our collection of advent calendars has different Santas from which to choose. These include Santas who double as toys. These Santas are made of felt and filled with polyester stuffing. Your children are able to give him a squeeze or even tell him what they want for Christmas. When the kids aren’t playing with the Santa plush, let them take advantage of his 25 pockets for counting down the holiday. Another option is to go with the jolly Santa wall calendar. This whimsical Santa hangs on a wall and able to be personalized with your child’s first name. If you’d rather, have it personalized with the family’s last name instead so that everyone enjoys it together.


Another important Christmas symbol is the Christmas tree. There are numerous Christmas tree advent calendars to browse, all of which have personalization options. Examples of these include a telluride calendar, which has a metal ring for hanging, 25 pockets for treats and a beautiful star on top. There is also the option of a woodland calendar. This one has the pockets draped to look like garland, which is more like your traditional tree with ornaments. For a more elegant feel, choose a Christmas tree advent calendar colored winter white, which leads to visions of a snowy morning on Christmas day.


Another option is to go with a reindeer advent calendar. Some of these reindeer calendars are ideal for apartments and small homes as they are more vertical than horizontal. The reindeer sits on top holding the 25 pockets below it that countdown to Christmas. Another reindeer advent calendar doubles as a piece of Christmas decor. The painted piece hangs from a wooden dowel and features a reindeer with swirling antlers, snowflakes and little presents. There are 25 pockets throughout for hiding notes or little gifts.


If you are looking for an advent calendar that also serves as a decoration and is capable of holding more than just a small piece of candy, then a knit garland calendar is for you. The garland is made up of 25 little stockings that are deep enough to hold items like a miniature stuffed teddy bear or a packet of hot chocolate. These adorable stockings hang at the top of a mantel or alongside a stair banister. Watch your child look forward to waking up each morning to discover the surprise that awaits inside the day’s stocking.