Santa Bags

Treat your children to the wonder and fun of seeing a Santa bag full of gifts beneath the tree on Christmas morning. Little ones are sure to delight in bags that are shaped like Santa’s face, reindeer or a polar bear. The fun characters add whimsy to an already magical holiday. Wrap presents to place within the bags or just place all the items directly in the bags, which also serves as gift wrap themselves. While Christmas stockings are a great way for Santa Claus to leave small goodies for kids, a big Santa bag carries gifts as large as game systems and some doll houses.


Use our express mail and special delivery Santa bags as props beside your front door throughout the season, then fill them with gifts from the children’s letters to Santa on Christmas morning. The letters to Santa bag is also ideal for this purpose, and it is also possible to personalize each bag with a child’s name, so it looks like they have a postal bag addressed to them from Saint Nicholas himself. No matter which design you and your children choose, the Pottery Barn Kids Santa bags bring a very festive touch to your holiday decor. If you are hosting a holiday-themed party that kids attend, these Santa bags are also cool party favors for children to take home and remember the Christmas festivities for years to come.


If you want to dress up and play Santa Claus to delight your kids at home or other children in your neighborhood, use a Santa bag as an accessory for holiday dress-up fun. The red velvet bags look like ones you might see over Santa’s shoulder on Christmas, so festive sacks are sure to complete the look. When you fill the bags with wrapped presents and other treats for kids, that should give the costume an authentic finishing touch. Personalize the red velvet bags with a family name or name.


Share some quality time your children as the Santa bags help your entire family get into the holiday spirit. The red fleece bags match easily with new red fleece nightgowns to wear on Christmas Eve. That would create the perfect photo opportunity as kids anticipate all the treasures they receive the next morning. Personalize the decorative sacks with white lettering. Then, after the children are in bed, fill the beautiful bags with treats, toys and books.


Add a splash of sophistication to a Christmas party with the ivory-colored Santa bags that are just right for carrying all of Santa’s special presents. It has a drawstring closure, so you are left with a handle to grasp. You may opt to fill it with empty boxes of presents when just using it as decor for a kids’ party. Alternately, liven the party up by filling it with treats to give away at the party, such as stickers, sticker books and other stocking stuffers. If you are having a gathering of just children in your own family or a small group, you may choose to have someone dressed as Santa and deliver bigger presents in the bag that way. The pure ivory color gives the bag the look of a winter wonderland.


A Santa tote bag is also a great way to deliver toys to your children on Christmas morning. Not only does it feature an adorable depiction of Jolly Old Saint Nick, but it also stores Christmas decorations or serves as a purse during the holiday season. It’s also a good choice when you want to give presents before the holiday itself. It is also ideal as a reusable gift bag for presenting an Advent calendar for kids who like to count down to Christmas day itself. With so many choices, you have plenty of bags to choose from and are able to find one that suits your children perfectly.