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Find a Nursing Pillow and Breastfeeding Essentials at Pottery Barn Kids

Bringing a newborn into the world is a big responsibility. Once you get your child home, all of that responsibility falls on you as a new parent. With essentials like nursing pillows from Pottery Barn Kids, you can make tasks like feeding your baby easier on you and them. Shop our selection of nursing pillows and breastfeeding supplies today to find everything you need to get started as a new parent.

What Nursing Pillow Styles Are Available?

Picking the perfect nursing pillow is often a matter of preference for many women. While the pillow you choose is up to you, it's good for every new mom to know they've got options. Here are a few popular nursing pillow choices you can find at Pottery Barn Kids:

  • Classic nursing pillows with slipcovers. Nursing doesn't have to be complicated. Add simply styled nursing pillows to your and you can feed a hungry baby with ease. Pillows with washable slipcovers make keeping clean a breeze.
  • Neck support nursing pillows. Offering a little additional neck support for your newborn, these go-to pillows are often an ideal choice for new moms. They're also easy to use so there's no need to worry about setup time or anything like that. Find a range of colors and looks that fit your tastes and nursery style.
  • Personalized pillows. Print your newborn baby's name on your pillow by browsing our collection of personalized offerings. Opt for just your child's initials or go for a full first name to add a special style your baby essentials.
  • Animal-themed nursing pillows. Is there anything cuter than a baby surrounded by animal prints? Pick your preferred animal print and add a stylish pillow to your shopping cart. You can find bears, kittens and a whole range of cute, cuddly woodland creatures.
  • Patterned styles. Looking for a pillow with a little more decorative flair? Check out our range of decorative styles that feature polka dots, star shapes and a whole lot more. Find neutral colors or go for a bold, bright look so you never lose track of your nursing pillow when you need it.

Ready to decorate your nursery and make sure you've got all the basics ready to go? Shop Pottery Barn Kids to find nursing pillows, breastfeeding essentials and items like cribs so you're prepared from day one. You can also check out our selection of car seats, strollers, diaper bags and baby carriers while you're shopping.