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Nursing Essentials

As baby’s arrival approaches, it is time to start gathering all of the necessities, such as nursing essentials. Whether you’re planning to exclusively breastfeed or plan to supplement, at Pottery Barn Kids we have what you need to help you keep baby fed and yourself comfortable, including the comfy crib your baby will catch a nap in after nursing and before it is time to eat again. Before you start to browse, take a moment to consider how your lifestyle and childcare plans affect your shopping list. If baby will attend daycare or an individual other than mom plans to be baby’s primary caregiver, it is important to buy the appropriate breast pump and milk storage equipment. Many parents find it helpful to have bottles and nursing supplies specifically for travel so when it is time to leave, you can grab baby’s diaper bag and car seat and be out of the door within minutes.

Make sure you are prepared to be away from baby for an extended period by investing in a quality breast pump. If you plan to pump on a regular basis, it makes sense to opt for an electric breast pump. An electric breast pump helps you maximize milk output and make the pumping process as efficient as possible. The pump has everything you need to get started, such as a power source, flanges, tubing and a convenient carrying case. It even comes with freezer packs to keep your milk cold until you can transfer it to a long-term storage receptacle. Just slide the case under your stroller to keep your pump safe and on hand when traveling. Thanks to the pump’s easily removable parts, keeping it clean is a simple task you can complete within minutes.

A manual breast pump is a smart choice for mothers who plan to infrequently pump or those who will not have access to a source of electricity when pumping. The wide, sturdy handle makes it comfortable for you to operate the pumping apparatus. If you need to set the bottle down, the solid base protects your milk from accidental spillage. Milk flows directly into a marked bottle so you can easily take note of the output. Keep the milk in the bottle as a short-term storage method. Once it is feeding time, attach a bottle nipple to the bottle so that it functions both as a feeding bottle and food storage.

Working mothers or those who plan to travel without baby need a suitable method for storing large quantities of milk. Milk storage bags are an excellent choice. Fill the bag to capacity or with a couple ounces so that it coordinates with baby’s feeding sessions. After pumping, you can pour the milk from the pumping bottle directly into the storage bags. Some pumps even let you attach the storage bags directly to the pump for maximum convenience. Storage bags are suitable for use in the freezer. Just lay the bags flat to optimize your space for milk storage. You may find it helpful to keep extra storage bags in your tote so that you are always prepared for an unexpected pumping session.

Parents who feed their baby pumped breast milk should have multiple bottles on hand to ensure they aren’t constantly having to rewash bottles. A set of bottles lets parents or caregivers make it through the entire day without having to stop and wash them. Sets that include an assortment of bottle sizes permit the set to grow with baby. Use the small bottles when baby is a newborn. Once your baby eats more at a single feeding, graduate to the large bottles in the set. Bottle sets come with everything you need for a comfortable feeding session, such as an optional bottle grip. The grip makes it easier to hold the bottle during baby’s feeding session. Should you drop the bottle, it always provides an additional layer of protection. Increased bottle durability is extremely important once baby starts to use a high chair and hold the bottle independently.