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High Chairs

When your child begins to eat solid foods, having a high chair for the feedings is an important tool. High chairs promote proper digestion, which is safer and healthier on your baby’s sensitive system. The amount of bonding that takes place while feeding or teaching your child to learn important eating skills is priceless. From sturdy stationary high chairs to high chairs with easy portability, at Pottery Barn Kids we offer the right model to meet your need and the needs of your child.

Getting your child use to sitting in a high chair is never a problem when entertainment is present. Placing your baby in the high chair for a few minutes at a time with toys, such as teethers or soft blocks, makes this possible. Even a familiar thumbie blanket or rattle will deliver the sense of comfort and offer contentment for a child that is transitioning from a bouncer or baby swing to a high chair for feedings.

Knowing that your child is eating healthy is a concern every parent has. Using a baby food cooker means that you know exactly what your child is consuming. A baby food cooker is specifically designed to hold and cook in all the proper food, featuring all of the vitamins and minerals your child needs for healthy growth and development. Baby food cookers are dishwasher-safe and can either be stored on the kitchen counter for easy access or in a cupboard or pantry closet yo use as needed.

Keeping leftover baby food fresh between meals is never a problem when you have food storage containers available. The different sizes and compartments that are featured in the food storage containers guarantee that you have the perfect portion sizes on hand when your child's tummy begins to rumble. Food storage containers are ideal for holding finger snacks or complete meals as your child’s diet needs change.

Your baby should always have the feeling of being included during family meals. Having personal matching plate and bowl sets give your child a sense of pride as growth and development are taking place. Baby and toddler feeding sets fit well on the high chair trays and durable enough to handle drops that occur. Soft spoons and forks are designed to give your child easy grasping so that self-feeding skills are developed in a safe and nurturing way. All plates, bowls and feeding utensils are dishwasher-safe.

When traveling away from home, a portable high chair is always ready when you are. Fast tables and foldable high chairs store easily within your vehicle and set up quickly when meal time approaches. To maintain the level of foods that your child is accustomed to when away from home, water bottles and insulated food containers come in handy. With a thermal design, water bottles and insulated food containers keep foods and beverages within a safe temperature range. This is safer for your child and locks in the flavors that your baby desires. The deep pockets build into your child’s diaper bag or tote hold the containers without hassles or fuss. Even spills or crumbs are never a problem with the cleaning instructions that the diaper bags and totes feature.

All baby gear high chairs are washable with a mild soap and water solution. This easy clean-up process is safe for the surface of the high chair and prevents your child’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Placing a drop cloth under the high chair when feeding your child will protect floors and carpets when the dropsies occur. The less cleanup that you encounter when teaching your child healthy eating habits, the more enjoyable the experience will be for both you and your baby.

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