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Tabletop & Food Prep

Feeding your baby is such a fun and exciting experience for both of you. Your child is tasting new flavors and textures for the first time, and you are seeing your baby’s facial expressions when each new food is introduced. You are also learning what foods your baby likes and doesn’t like. No matter what age your child is, we have all of the food preparation items you need to help you keep your baby’s belly full.

Are you planning to nurse or currently nursing? At Pottery Barn Kids, we have nursing essentials like an electric or manual pump. Many mothers find that using a pump simplifies the feeding process, especially if they are working or away from their babies. You can make the journey easier on you by selecting a pump and breast milk storage kit to store milk for your child in advance. Trying to find a gift for a nursing mother? Consider giving a starter bottle set or a nursing pillow. You can ensure mother and baby stay comfortable with one of our C-shaped nursing pillows that wrap the stomach region for added comfort during nursing.

Making your own baby food is an excellent way to prepare healthy and safe meals for your child. No one knows what your baby likes more than you, and you can customize each meal by making it yourself. Simplify the process by selecting one of our baby food makers. Our baby food makers can puree foods so you can mix up any combination of fruits and veggies. As your baby grows, you can change the settings on the cooker to create the perfect consistency of food for your child. After you whip up a batch of your son or daughter’s favorite food, keep it fresh by storing it in some of our food storage containers.

When feeding your baby, you can make yourself and your child more comfortable by having a high chair in your home. Teach your baby good eating habits and try introducing the concept of mealtime. Consider setting aside specific times each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and over time your child will grow accustomed to the pattern. Select a high chair style that coordinates with your current home decor and living area. If you’re tight on space, consider a model that folds up for easy storage. Many of our high chairs are also adjustable so you can raise or lower the seat as your child grows. You can even adjust the seat to match the height of your kitchen table or dining space.

Plan on taking baby out to a restaurant? We can help you make mealtime easy on the go with a travel table chair and tote bag full of all your mealtime essentials. This miniature high chair hooks onto most tables and eating surfaces, so you can feed your son or daughter anywhere. Lightweight and easy to store, this seat is something you can take with you so a comfy, clean sit is always available. Have no room for a high chair in your home? Consider this table seat as an easy way to feed your child on a daily basis.

Looking to make mealtime fun for your growing child? We have plenty of colorful plates and fun serving utensils to entice your son or daughter to eat. If you’re packing a lunch for your child, consider cutting the sandwich in a fun shape with one of our sandwich cutters. Place everything in a personalized lunch bag for the ultimate lunchtime treat. You can make every meal special by selecting colorful food serving accessories that your child loves. No matter how old your child is, we have what you need to please a hungry newborn or a growing toddler.

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