Setting Up a Fun Baby Activity Gym

Take the time to design a beautiful nursery with a baby activity gym and lots of gorgeous nursery toys. Include all the fun stuff you know will delight your baby and create wonderful memories together. High-style toys also offer a few can't-miss photo opportunities for your baby book or to share with friends and relatives. Make your nursery a place where your baby learns all the fundamentals of play when you select a colorful baby activity gym today. With so many styles to shop, you'll love setting up this sweet corner of your baby's room.

Elements of a Baby Activity Gym

When shopping for a baby activity gym, look for certain features that define your play station as superlative. Make sure you choose the finest materials, plus engage your baby with a sweet aesthetic that lets him or her react and enjoy.

  • A baby activity gym starts with the play mat. Look for one that has plenty of room for your baby to enjoy tummy time, rolling over, laying on his or her back and giggling in happiness at all the fun toys that dangle from above.
  • Pick a fun theme that matches your nursery theme or incorporates a motif you've always loved, like sweet farm animals, woodland creatures or even a designer collaboration with Lilly Pulitzer or Emily & Meritt.
  • Your baby engages with the gym by laying on the mat and checking out the soft arches that criss-cross the mat. From the arches, little stuffed animals or other toys dangle and sway.
  • Get on the floor with your baby to enjoy all the action with him or her and make sure they stay safe while playing.

Playfully-Designed Nursery Toys

For older babies, you can introduce new nursery toys that allow your baby to begin to grasp objects, hold them on their own, snuggle favorite toys and make a little noise and develop rhythm with rattles.

  • Curate beautifully made plush animals for babies. Many babies choose a beloved plush toy as a favorite and stay close to it for years, so selecting ones you love makes them all the more special.
  • Rattles keep babies practicing their grip, while also soothing and entertaining them. The soft beat of a rattle is a fun way to introduce a new kind of toy. Look for soft critters to top rattles or rattle rings.
  • Rockers help older babies self-soothe, burn off extra energy and gain balance and strength. The joy of a baby on a rocker is a great experience for you, too.

Discover different toys for your baby at all ages and stages to create a wonderful nursery with a baby activity gym and other fun.

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