Playroom Essentials

Combining storage, space to play, room to rest and areas for inspiring creativity are some considerations to keep in mind when planning playroom essentials. Playrooms ideally have a combination of items like tables and mats to bring out the child’s explorative side. Nap time can be encouraged with a crib or bassinet, while older children can be invited to sit in on the fun with accessories like bean bag chairs to sit on and books to read or movies to watch. Parents’ goal is to make the room safe and look effortless.

Baby Bouncers

At Pottery Barn Kids, we offer baby bouncers to make the most of baby’s playroom. Baby bouncers are fun and practical accessories for parents to add to a playroom. Some loungers and baby bouncers have simple back-and-forth rocking movements. Others are more advanced and have multiple positions to help babies sit more upright or have a more horizontal position. Bouncers may be controlled by remotes, and they may operate on batteries or using electricity. Bouncers are designed to grow with babies, and they can support weight of up to 130 pounds. They feature attractive designs and keep children safely occupied and within parents’ sight.

Baby Activity Mats

Our baby activity mats collection features a number of whimsical plush mats, adorned with domes of stars, animals, natural objects and other fun items. Some activity mats have a plain white or soft colored mat base, while others are dressed up with colorful animals, numbers, letters and more. You can also find mats in fun animal shapes, with soft fur coatings that keep babies entertained for hours. Whatever design they choose, parents can rest assured that they are stimulating their children's brains and giving them the creativity time that they need during development.


Baby toys are also another ideas for parents wanting to make a fun, safe and entertaining space for their children to play. Toys come in many styles, including stuffed animals and rattles. Parents can also consider getting rocking chairs, which are molded into the shape of many types of creatures such as elephants, lambs and dogs. Rocking chairs can also be customized with names and monograms for a personalized touch. Many rocking chairs have attached handles, letting children safely rock back and forth as their imaginations go wild.

Baby Books

Baby books are essential items for the playroom when it is time for babies to rest. A small corner book shelf stacked with children’s classic stories gives the room a magical quality. Parents can also have a few books placed in strategic locations scattered around the playroom so that babies can curl up for a story in their favorite part of the playroom. Children’s books are based on classic tales, and people can find books related to certain holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. Some books have the option for personalization as well, which makes the room even more magical.

Changing Pads

With changing pads and covers, parents can keep their babies happy and comfortable without having to leave the room for diaper changes. Changing covers and pads can adapt nicely to any surface, making it easy to change diapers wherever baby is hanging out. Some parents choose to install formal changing tables in the playroom instead of using makeshift surfaces. Changing tables with cabinets below serve the additional practical purpose of getting clutter out of sight and mind.

Playroom Storage

Other baby storage options are available as well. Wicker baskets, caddies and sets of storage containers and buckets, perhaps labeled with names like “toys” and “diapers,” create an aesthetic boost in the room. Storage containers hold lotions, diapers, wipes and other essentials baby might need while playing.

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