Mini Yogurt Parfaits

by The TomKat Studio

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  • Bite-sized yogurt parfaits are an elegant addition to any dessert table. Follow this recipe for easy-to-make light-as-air parfaits that taste great and complement your pink and blue theme.

These sweet and refreshing yogurt parfaits are easy to make and perfectly match the theme of the party!


  • Strawberry yogurt (or vanilla yogurt colored with food coloring)
  • Blueberry yogurt (or vanilla yogurt colored with food coloring)
  • Whipped topping


  • Using a pastry bag filled with whipped topping, add a thin layer to the mini parfait glass.

  • Using a second pastry bag filled with yogurt, add a layer on top of the whipped topping layer.

  • Continue layering with whipped topping, followed by yogurt, and finish with a small dollop of whipped topping.

  • Repeat above directions with the other yogurt flavor.

Serving quantities vary based on size of yogurt and whipped topping.

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