Ham and Apple Sandwich

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  • With plenty of color inspired by fall, the creative presentation of this lunchtime staple makes it a little more fun. Get creative with substituting different layers – try turkey and pears, for instance.

Make over the standard lunch sandwich with a few easy twists that kids will love.


  • Bun (or sliced bread of your choice)
  • Sliced green apple
  • Sliced red apple
  • Sliced cheddar (or your choice of cheese)
  • Slices of ham
  • Mayonnaise and/or mustard
  • Butter leaf lettuce


  • Spread mustard or mayonnaise on one side of the bun.

  • Layer the remaining green apple slice, cheese, ham and red apple slice.

  • Put a toothpick through the center to keep it all together. Serve immediately.