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The Diaper Bag Dads Love

David Nelson

Former NFL Player, Lifestyle Blogger


The post every dad has been waiting for: How To Pack A Diaper Bag

Getting out of the house with your new baby can be a never-ending task. Change the baby, dress the baby, make sure baby is fed, find baby's pacifier, find back-ups for your back-ups, the list goes on... Well, today we are here to make this a little easier for the unpredictability that is #DADLIFE. 

First, it all starts with the bag. We have a few requirements for said DAD-BAG. 

1. It must not look like a diaper bag. It has to be a secret diaper bag... until you’re caught pulling a binky out of the pocket. 

2. It must be multifunctional and every inch should have a purpose—the more pockets and compartments the better.

3. It's got to look cool and feel cooler. We're talking on-trend but not too trendy and comfort is KEY! Just like our personal style. 

4. This bag has to be travel-friendly: Whether we're out on the town or walking the trails with our son, our bag must be versatile enough for anything we throw at it (literally)!

We finally found the perfect NOT-SO-DIAPER-BAG with Pottery Barn Modern Baby! The PacaPod Picos Pack Backpack meets all of our criteria. The modern style has absolutely no resemblance to a "diaper bag" (you know, flowery prints and baby blush colors). No, these backpacks are sleek and monochromatic, made to fit right in with your lifestyle. One of our favorite parts about this backpack? The padded, adjustable backpack straps with chest clip. You can load up your backpack with ALL of the baby goods and still feel comfortable carrying the heavy load! 

The PacaPod is so practical when traveling or on-the-go with your little one. The “pod-system” is perfect to pack diapers and wipes separate from bottles and feeding needs. You can also remove these pods to create more space and turn this diaper bag into a normal carry-all backpack!  

The entire bag is made of a wipe-clean material, making this the perfect pack to carry with your wild child. We all know the bottle caps are bound to pop off in that bag at some point!! The Pack also comes with a fold-up changing pad making changing dirty diapers on the go a little easier and smoother. 

Getting out of the house with your new baby is no longer a task!


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