Storybook Baby Shower Invitations

Announce the storybook theme and encourage guests to help build the baby's library with this custom invitation template. The accordion interior lets you get a little creative, creating a space where you can customize your invitation with words or images that highlight the theme or celebrate the mom-to-be. It adds an element of surprise that's sure to delight all the recipients.

Tools and Materials

  • Letter-weight paper
  • Cardstock
  • White glue
  • Craft scissors
  • Ribbon

Download Invitations

How to Assemble

1. Download the Storybook Baby Shower Invitation template.

2. Personalize the invitation using Acrobat Reader. Go to: Tools > Basic > Select, then click "enter information here" and type in the relevant information.

3. Print all four pages of the template on letter-weight paper.

4. Cut out the three pages that have type on them ("Once Upon a Time," personalized invitation and "The End"), making sure to leave a -inch tab where needed (you'll see the markings!).

5. To create the accordion-fold interior, photocopy or print the interior page five times, then cut each, again making sure to leave a 1/4-inch tab along one long side.

6. Decorate the blank interior pages with inspiring words, iconic shapes cut out of colored cardstock, or any other elements (such as photographs) that work with your theme.

7. Decide on the order for your interior pages.

8. Take the first one and fold the scored edge toward the back side, then glue the tab to the "Once Upon a Time" page.

9. Take your second interior page and fold the scored edge toward the front, then glue the tab to the first interior page.

10. Repeat, alternating fold direction, until all interior pages are connected, followed by the pages with the invitation details and "The End."

11. Glue a short length of ribbon to the back of the first page, and another to the back of the last page, then collapse the invitation into an accordion and tie the ribbon into a bow.

12. Hand-deliver or insert into color-coordinated envelopes to send.